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® 2002 Films on Disc  Stuart J. Kobak ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Golden Bowl has been cited as an ISF Reference DVD.
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Love Me Tender/ C+, B+
Flaming Star/ B, B
Charlotte Gray (SE)/ B+, A-
John Q. (SE)/ D+, A-
Say Anything (SE)/ B+, B
Man of the Century (SE)/ B+, A-
Collateral Damage (SE)/ C+, A-
S.O.B./ C+, B+
Skin Deep/ C+, B
Two Family House/ B, B+
Charlie's Angels (SE)/ C, B+
Victor/Victoria (SE)/ A,B+
Great Race, The/ B+, B+
Lagaan/ C, C+
Circus (SE)/ C+, A
To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday/ B-, C+
Audition (SE)/ A-,B
Kansas City Confidential/ B, C-
Amélie (SE)/ B+, A-
Big Heat, The/ B+, B+
Fathom/ C+,C
Our Lady of the Assassins/B+,B+
Gosford Park (SE)/ A, A
Hombre/ B, B+
Atlantic City/ A, A-
Monster's Ball (SE)/ B+, B+
Majestic, The (SE)/ C+, A
Kate and Leopold (SE)/ B, B+
A Beautiful Mind (SE)/ A-,A
Witness for the Prosecution/ B+, B
Memento (SE)/ A, A
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (SE)/ B+, A
Sorry, Wrong Number/ B, B
Key Largo/ A-, A-
Vanilla Sky (SE)/ C+, A
My First Mister (SE)/ B, B+
Bite the Bullet/ B, C+
Bob Le Flambeur (SE)/ A-, B
Black Knight  (SE)/ C, A-
Vikings, The (SE)/ B, B
Ali/ B, A-
Gambler, The (1974)/ B+, B-
Fatal Attraction (SE)/  B+, B
It Came From Outer Space (SE)/ B, B+
Requiem for a Heavyweight/ B+,B+
Calamity Jane/ A-, B+
Barcelona (SE)/ A-, B
Cowboy/ B, C
Harvey Girls (SE)/ B+, B+
Serendipity (SE)/ B, B+
Texas Rangers/ C+, C+
Dancing at the Blue Iguana (SE)/ C+, A-
Domestic Disturbance (SE)/ C, B+
Bread and Tulips/ B+, B+
Behind Enemy Lines (SE)/ B-, A
Metropolis (Anime) SE/ B, B
Accused, The/ B+, B+
Projectionist, The/ C+, C+
Tall Guy, The/ B+, B
Life on a String/ B+, D-
Mulholland Dr./ B+, B+
Omaha (SE)/ C+, D
Life as a House (SE)/ B-,B
Spy Game (SE)/ B-,A
Sexy Beast (SE)/ B+, A-
Party, The/ B, C
Fresh (SE)/ A-, A-
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman/ B+, A-
K-Pax (SE)/ B+, A
Strictly Ballroom (SE)/ A-, B+
Training Day (SE)/ B+, A (F)
Purple Noon/ B+, C+

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Stuart J. Kobak



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Last Update

13th Warrior/B,A
15 Minutes (SE)/ B,A

2 Days in the Valley/B+,B+

3 Days of the Condor/B+,A-

39 Steps, The (SE)/A,A-

3000 Miles to Graceland/ D,A

4th Man, The (SE) /A-,A-
6th Day, The (SE)/ B,A-

A Beautiful Mind (SE)/ A-,A

A Better Tomorrow/A-,C-

A Bright Shining Lie/B-,B

A Couch in New York/ C+,D

A Few Good Men/A-,A

A Shot in the Dark/A-,B
A Star is Born (SE)/ A,B
A Walk in the Clouds/B+,B

Abbott &Costello In the Foreign Legion/C,C-

Absolute Power/C+, A

Accused, The/ B+, B+

Adventures of Baron Munchhausen/A,A-

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle/C+,B+

Air Bud/B,B

Air Force One/B+,A

Airplane! (SE)/B,B+
Ali/ B, A-

All About My Mother/B+,B+

All That Heaven Allows (SE)/ C,C+
Almost Famous/ A,A
Along Came a Spider/B,A-
Amélie (SE)/ B+, A-
American Beauty (SE)/A, B+

American Gigolo/B,B

American Pie (SE)/B,A- 

American Rhapsody (SE)/ B+, A-
Amores Perros (SE)/ A-,B
An Autumn's Tale/B-,C+

An Ideal Husband/A-,A

Anastasia (SE)/A,A-

Angela's Ashes (SE)/ B,B+

Animal House (SE)/B+,B+

Anna and the King (SE)/B-,B+
Annie Get Your Gun (SE)/A, A-
Anniversary Party (SE) B,B

Another Day in Paradise (SE)/B+,B+

Any Number Can Win/B+,D  

Apocalypse Now/A-,A-

Apocalypse Now Redux (SE)/ A-, A

Arabian Nights/C+,C+

Assignment, The/B,B+

Astronaut's Wife/C+,B+

Atlantic City/ A, A-
Audition (SE)/ A-,B

Avengers, The/D+,A-

Away All Boats/B-,B-

Babe: Pig in the City/B,A 

Bad and the Beautiful (SE)/ A, B+


Barcelona (SE)/ A-, B

Barry Lyndon/B,,D+  


Bat Whispers, The (1930)/ C,B-



Beast, The/D+, D+

Beau Père /B+,D 

Bedroom Window, The/C+,B+
Before Night Falls (SE)/ B+,A
Behind Enemy Lines (SE)/ B-, A

Bell, Book and Candle/B,B+


Ben Hur (SE)/A-,B+

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef/C+,C+

Best Man/B,B+

Betty Page Pin Up Queen/F,F

Bicentennial Man/C,A

Big Combo/B-,D-  

Big Daddy/B-,A 

Big Heat, The/ B+, B+

Big Hit, The/D+,A

Big Kahuna/C+,B

Big Lebowski/B+,A

Big Wheel, The/C+,B-
Billy Elliot/B+,B+
Bingo Long (SE)/ B+, B+

Birdcage, The/B+,B

Birds, The (SE)/A-,B+  

Bishop's Wife/B,B

Bite the Bullet/ B, C+

Black Dog/C+,A

Black Knight  (SE)/ C, A-

Black Mask/C,B+

Black Rain/B+,B+

Black Robe/A,B+ 

Blade Runner/A,A-

Blood, Guts, Bullets & Octane/B,B 

Blood Simple (SE)/ B+, A-
Blow Out/B+,C-

Blues Brothers 2000/C,A

Bob Le Flambeur (SE)/ A-, B

Boogie Nights/B+,A


Bossa Nova (SE/)B+,A-

Bottle Rocket/B+,A  



Boxer, The/(SE)/B+,A-

Bread  and Roses/ A-,B+
Bread and Tulips/ B+, B+

Bride of Chucky/(SE)/C,A 

Bride of the Wind/ C+, B+
Bridge, The/ B, B-
Bridge on the River Kwai (SE)/A,B+
Bridges at Toko-Ri/ B,B
Bridget Jones's Diary (SE)/ A,A
Bring it On (SE)/C+,A-


Bull Durham/(SE)/A-,A-


Bully/ B, B



Calamity Jane/ A-, B+
Captain Jack/ C+, C

Captain Kidd/C,C+(F)

Captaine Conan/F


Castle, The/B-,D

Cecil B. Demented (SE)/C+, B+


Cell, The (SE)/B,B-

Central Station/(SE)/A-,B+

Changing Habits/C,B+


Charade (SE)/A,B
Charlie's Angels (SE)/ C, B+
Charlotte Gray (SE)/ B+, A-
Chicken Run (SE)/B+,A
China Moon/ B+, B+
Chinese Box/ B,B
Chopper SE)/ B+, B


City of Industry/B+,B+

Clear and Present Danger/B+,A- 


Circus (SE)/ C+, A


Cobra Verde (SE)/ B+,B+
Collateral Damage (SE)/ C+,A-

Conan the Barbarian/C,C+

Conqueror, The/C,B

Conspiracy Theory/C+,A


Contender, The (SE)/ B+,B+
Conversation, The (SE)/A,B+

Cookie's Fortune/(SE)/C+,B

Cotton Mary/C+,C+
Courage Under Fire/B,B-

Court Jester/A,A- 

Cowboy/ B, C

Cradle Will Rock/ B,A

Crimson Rivers (SE)/ B, B-

Crimson Tide/A-,A-

Critical Care/C,C+

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (SE)/ B+,B+

Crow: City of Angels/C-/B



Curse of the Jade Scorpion/ B+,A
Dancer in the Dark (SE)/ B,B+

Dancing at Lughnasa/B-,B+  

Dancing at the Blue Iguana (SE)/ C+, A-

Dark City/(SE)B,A-

Dark Command/ B+,B-


Das Boot/A,A-

Day of the Jackal/A-B

Days of Thunder/C,D-

Dead Calm/ B+,A

Dead Presidents/B+,B+ 

Death Becomes Her/C+,B


Deconstructing Harry/C,A- 

Deep, The/B,A- 

Deep Red (Profundo Rosso)/B+,B+

Deer Hunter/A,B+

Defending Your Life/ A,B-
Demetrius and the Gladiators/B-,B+
Dersu Uzala/B+,C-


Desperate Measures/C,A

Devil in a Blue Dress (SE)/B+,A-

Devil's Advocate/B-,A

Devil's Own/C+,B+

Dick (SE)/B+,A

Dinner Game, The/B+,A-
Dinosaur (SE)/A,A

Dirty Dozen/B+,B 

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (SE)/ B+,B

Dog Day Afternoon/B,C+

Domestic Disturbance (SE)/ C, B+

Donnie Brasco/B+,B+

Don't Say a Word (SE)/ C+, A

Don't Touch the White Woman/B,C+ 

Double Indemnity/A,B

Double Jeopardy/B-,B

Dr. No/A-,C+

Dr.Strangelove/ A-/B

 Dr. T and the Women (SE)/ C,A-

Dragon (SE)/B+,B

Drop Dead Gorgeous/B,A-

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman/ B+, A-

Edge, The/B+,B+

Eiger Sanction/C+,B

Election (SE)A,B

Elephant Man, The (SE)/ B+, B+
Enemy at the Gates (SE)/ B,A-

Enemy of the State/B-,B+  

Enigma of Kaspar Hauser/ (SE)/ B+, D+
Erin Brockovich (SE)/B+,A

Escape from Alcatraz/B+,B 


Evolution (SE)/ C, B

Excess Baggage/C,B+

Executioners, The/C,B



Exit Wounds/ D+,A
Expresso Bongo/ B+, B+

Eye of the Beholder (SE)/C,B+

Eyes Wide Shut (SE)/C+,B+

Fahrenheit 451/B,B

Family Plot (SE)/C+,B-
Fast and the Furious (SE)/ C, A_
Fatal Attraction (SE)/  B+, B

Fathers' Day/C,B+

Fathom/ C+,C

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/C,B+

Felicia's Journey (SE)/A-,A

Fifth Element/C,A

Finding Forrester/B+,B+

Firm, The/B+,B+

Fisher King, The/A,B+ 

Fitzcarraldo (SE)/ A,B+


Fly Away Home/A-,B

Fools Rush In/B+,B+

Forbidden Planet/B-,B-

Forrest Gump (SE)/ A,A-
Free Enterprise (SE)/B+,A-
French Connection (SE)/ A,A
French Connection II (SE)/ A,A-
Frenzy (SE)/B+,B+
Fresh (SE)/ A-, A-

Freshman, The/A-,A-

Fried Green Tomatoes (SE)/A,A- 

Friends and Lovers/D-,C-  

From Here to Eternity (SE) / A,B

From Russia With Love/A,B

Full Metal Jacket/B,C  

Funny Face/ B,C


G.I. Jane /B-,A-


Gambler, The (1974) / B+, B-

Game, The/C+,A-

Gay Desperado, The/ B+,B

General, The /A,B+ 

General's Daughter (SE)/C,A-

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/ B+,B+


Geronimo: An American Legend/C+,A

Get Carter (SE)/B,B+
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (SE) /B+/B+
Ghost World/ A, A
Gilda/ B,B-
Girlfight (SE)/ A,B+
Glory/ A,A


Godfather, The (SE)/ A, B+
Godfather Part II, The (SE)/ A,A-
Godfather Part III, The (SE)/ B,B+
Godfather Collection


Godzilla(1998 SE)/D+,A

GoldenEye /B,A


Goldwyn Follies/C+,B

Gone in 60 Seconds (SE)/B,B

Gone with the Wind/A,C+ 

Gosford Park (SE)/ A, A

Governess, The/B,A-

Grand Illusion (SE)/A,A


Greenfingers/ B+, A-

Grifters, The/A,A- 

Grosse Pointe Blank/A-,A

Groundhog Day/A-,A


Guns of Navarone (SE0/B+,B+

Hallelujah Trail/ C,D

Hans Christian Andersen/C+,B+

Happiness/ A-,B+

Happy Gilmore/B+,B+

Hard Boiled/B-,D
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (SE)/ B+, A
Harvey Girls (SE)/ B+, B+


He Got Game/B+,B+ 

Hearts in Atlantis (SE)/ B-, B+




Heroic Trio/C+,C+

High and Low/A,C+
High Fidelity (SE)/A-,A
Hollow Man (SE)/B,A
Hombre/ B, B+


How Stella Got Her Groove Back/C+,A

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (SE)/ C, B
How to Marry a Millionaire/B,B+
How to Succeed Without Really Trying/C+,C+
Howling/ B,C+

Hudson Hawk/C+,A- 

Hudsucker Proxy/B+,B+


Hunted, The/B+,A- 

Hunter, The/ C+,B+
I Know What You Did Last Summer/C+,A-


Imposters, The/ C,B+  

In & Out/B,A 

In the Company of Men/B+,B

In the Line of Fire/A-,A

Indian Tomb, The/ C-,B

Infinity's Child/C+,B+

Inland Sea/B,B

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge/B,B  

Irma Vep/B+,B+

Isn't She Great/ D+,A
It Came From Outer Space (SE)/ B, B+

Jackal, The/C,A

Jamaica Inn/C,C 

Jaws (SE)/A,B+

Jerry Maguire/A, A-

Joe Kidd/B-,C-
John Q. (SE)/ D+, A-

Johnny Mnemonic/B/B+

Joy House/B,C+

Ju Dou/A,B-
Julien Donkey-Boy

Junior Bonner/B+,B+ 

Jurassic Park (SE)/B+,B+
Jurassic Park III (SE)/ B, A

Juror, The/C+,A

K-Pax (SE)/ B+, A
Kansas City Confidential/ B, C-
Kate and Leopold (SE)/ B, B+
Key Largo/ A-, A-


Killing of a Chinese Bookie/B+,B  

Killing of Sister George/B+,B+

Kindergarten Cop/B+,B+

King and Country/ B,B-

King of Masks/A-,C


Knight's Tale, A (SE) /D,B+
K-Pax (SE)/ B+, A
Kramer vs. Kramer (SE)/ A,A-

L.A. Confidential (SE)/A,A

La Femme Nikita B+,C+

La Separation/A-,C  

Lady Eve, The (SE)/ A,C+
Lansky/ C,B
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (SE)/ C, A

Last Boy Scout/C,B

Last Castle, The (SE)/ C+, B+

Last Emperor/A-,C-

Last of the Mohicans/B+,B    

Last of the Mohicans (DTS)/A-,B
Lawrence of Arabia (SE)/ A,B-
Le Magnifique/ B, B
Le Professionnel/ C,B
Le Trou/ A-,A-

Leave it to Beaver/D,B 

Legally Blonde (SE)/ B+, B+
Legend of Bagger Vance/C-,A


Letters from a Killer (SE)/C-,B

Life (SE)/C,A  

Life as a House (SE)/ B-,B
Life on a String/ B+, D-
Like Water for Chocolate/B+,C

Limbo (SE)/A,A

Limey, The (SE)/B+,A

Little Fugitive (SE)/A,B+

Little Shop of Horrors/B,C+

Lonely Guy, The/ B-,B
Long Gray Line/  B, B-
Long Run, The/ B-, A-
Look Who's Talking/ C+,A-

Lost in Space/C-,A 

Lost World, The (SE)/B+,C+
Love and Basketball (SE)/A-,A

Love and Death on Long Island/B,B

Love is a Many Splendored Thing/C+,B+

Luzhin Defense (SE)/ B-,B

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