Das Boot(SE)/A,A-

Columbia/1985/209m/ANA 1.85

      One of the greatest war movies ever made, the Das Boot director's cut is a grim, unrelenting look at war from the inside of a submarine. The claustrophobia is palpable. This is the director's cut of the film which runs substantially longer and presents a fuller picture of the world aboard this boat.
     This first DVD special edition from Columbia-Tristar includes the director's audio commentary and a brief making of promotional short. It is another example of the wonderful DVD transfers from this studio.

dasboot.jpg (5205 bytes)

Prochnow under water. ăColumbia Tristar

     All the difficult lighting is handled with tightly constructed grain as well as a brilliant palette of subtle shades. The very sharp DVD exposes every bead of sweat and every facial pore gasping for air.






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