Betty Page Pin-Up Queen/F,F
Cult Epics/1950s/97m/Color&BW/1.33
     Caveat emptor. Thatís right, buyers beware. Thereís not much to Betty Page Pin-Up Queen. The package calls itself a "collectorís edition," and it is simply a collection of early fifties erotic soft porn culled from very poor 35mm color sources and some other atrocious 8mm black and white elements.
     As I watched Page go through her endlessly ludicrous gyrations, I couldnít help but think of some B grade Hollywood musicals featuring Coney Island hoochy-coochy girls in scanty outfits. All I can say is thank God Betty didnít break out into song or heavy panting.
bettypage.jpg (19640 bytes)

Betty helps Tempest Storm look her best. Wow! ©Cult Epics

    The first question to ask is what you expect from this disc. Me? I thought it would be interesting to watch these films as a reference to values and mores of a different era. I do vaguely remember Betty Pageís image gracing some cards in a deck of wondrously endowed women, scantily clad, and suggesting something other than another hand of poker. The DVD brazenly lists "Exclusive Commentary by Betty Page as one of its features. I thought it would be interesting to listen to Betty Page comment about her risquť work while watching her in action. That was not the case. The "commentary" was not an audio commentary at all, but a short essay provided in the menu screens relating a few details about her film experiences.
     The exotic dances that Betty performs on camera are pretty funny. The variety of mouth movements accompanying her swinging hips and breasts are ludicrously laughable. This DVD isnít worth the few laughs it may provide. Even the image is fourth rate. Transfer elements are in poor condition. Enhancement is beyond excessive resulting in noisy and ringing images. The sound blasts away at outrageously distorted levels.

Note: Cult Epics Responds:

The films of Betty Page were obtained from first class source; Movie Star News and Something Weird. With not seen the daylight in 35 years, the quality is not the most perfect, but the most perfect as it gets. All the material from the original 35mm films still has a great look, however the sound was heavily damaged at some places and hard to repair. The rare original b&w 8mm material, has a grain which can't be changed, even with all the digital machines of today. It was not made for that, and for private watching only, whereby 8mm was the house standard in these days before watching video or DVD on TV. This however adds a mystery to the woman named Betty Page. Betty Page was the most photographed Pin Up Queen and these films are unique and has to be seen as this. Instead
of having to collect 4 video tapes, Cult Epics compiled all the clips from Striporama, Teaserama, Varietease and Exotic Dances featuring Betty Page, together on one DVD, as a collector's edition.
With Betty Page staying away from the public eye, we had the rare opportunity to have her commentary on the films in 10 letters she has written to us. Especially the ones on the 'Betty Page Bondage Queen' DVD are very her own world and insight, which makes you laugh. To clarify your 'beware' it does not say 'audio' commentary by betty page. As most fans know she does not like to come out in the open, and stopped doing interviews after her voice was heard on E. We respect her wishes and hope you enjoy what you see. For your information Betty Page will receive a royalty on copies sold.

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