Goldwyn Follies/C+,B

HBO/1938/115m/FS 1.33

       A variety show cream puff from the golden era of Hollywood with a story tacked on as an excuse to bridge the show biz bits. For me, the highlight of the film is the goofy comedy of The Ritz Brothers. They are positively giggly. One of the many teams of Vaudeville veterans that were scoffed up for Hollywood duty. There are other variety acts, including ventriloquist  Edgar Bergen with dummy Charlie McCarthy, some romantic ballet and girls with long legs.goldwynfollies.jpg (7767 bytes)
     The excuse for a story features a young woman discovered in a ice cream parlor by a movie producer and hired on for her honesty in evaluating his productions. Skip to Hollywood where she meets a singer slinging hash while dreaming of becoming a star. The girl uses her influence with the producer to get the guy a starring role in the latest picture. Meanwhile, the older producer falls head over heels for the girl and the girl and guy fall madly in love. She keeps her relationship with the producer a secret so the guy won't feel bad about getting the starring role and naturally, everything comes to a head on the set.
     Andrea Leeds is the girl with scrubbed skin, Kenny Baker the crooner and Adolph Menjou the Hollywood heavy and ballerina Vera Zorina plays footsy with the Ritz Brothers.
     Like much of the Goldwyn collection of films, the elements for Goldwyn Follies was kept in pretty good shape. The transfer to DVD retains the lustrous intensity of three strip Technicolor. There are some minor age markings and a little color shift, but otherwise this 1938 film is a delight to the eye. The soundtrack is a Dolby Digital 2-channel remix by Chase and sounds quite good.


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