From Russia With Love/A,B

   MGM-UA/1963/115 minutes

   The leanest and meanest of the James Bond films, From Russia with Love gives the characters a chance to develop in a somewhat realistic plot. Bond is coaxed to Turkey by the lure of getting a Lector Decoding Box from a beautiful Russian defector, but naturally the path turns crooked.   Connery is once again the perfect Bond in this sequel to the original and Robert Shaw's screen menace is unparalleled in the entire lexicon of Bond films. Minimizing the silly effects goes a long way to giving 007 a chance to emote and use his wits and physicality to rescue the day. 

fromrussia.jpg (7015 bytes)

Connery and Armendarez.  MGM-UA

       From Russia with Love suffers from some of the same grain problems as Dr. No in the outdoor scenes, though less exaggerated. One of the darkest of all Bond films in its cinematography treatment, the transfer of the darkest scenes looks vary good. .For those lucky enough to have widescreen video set-ups, From Russia with Love is transferred anamorphic 1.85. 

































































































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