Stuart J. Kobak is the editor of Films on Disc. Stu's reviews on laser discs and DVDs appeared in a regular LaserViews Magazine column for seven years. His feature and review work appeared in Play Magazine and he has done video hardware reviews for The Perfect Vision. Stu's movie reviewing experience dates to the early 1970s in Japan when he wrote weekly reviews for the Japanese English language newspaper Kansai-Action. Stu has attended a number of Imaging Science Foundation seminars in pursuit of image nirvana.


Film on Disc DVD and Laser Disc reviews  include quality assessment and feature film criticism.  Ratings are two part, the first letter representing film content, the second letter for film element , transfer and pressing quality.

Contact Information

Films on Disc is published monthly at http://www.filmsondisc.com.   E-mail inquires may be sent to stu@filmsondisc.com. Snail-mail may be sent to Films on Disc, 6 Deepwood Court, Old Westbury, New York 11568.

Home Theater Rating Reference System

DVDs  are evaluated on the following current home theater equipment:   Rear configured Stewart 67 1/2' x 120" Aeroview 1.0 Gain Ultimate 4-Way ScreenWall , 2 Runco 1200 9 inch CRT Projectors stacked floor and ceiling configuration, Runco 4404 Ultra Digital Video Processor, Faroudja DVP3000 Digital Video Processor, Lexicon MC12 Surround Processor/Switcher, Sony 7700 DVD Player, Sony 7000 DVD Player, Panasonic RP-91 DVD Player Sony 9000 DVD Player, Pioneer Elite CLD-97 Laser Disc Players with AC-3 Modification,  Revel 7 channel speakers configured with 2 Gems Front, 1 Voice center, 2 Embrace sides, 2 Embrace rear, 2 Bag End Infrasubs, Lexicon 7 channel Amp, Lexicon T-700 System Remote Control with TCM-3 RF interface Speaker Wire and Interconnects by Monster.
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ISF Reference DVD Citation Program

The Imaging Science Foundation cites reference quality DVDs on a regular basis and Films on Disc participates in the selection process.




Woman in the Dunes/A,B+
One of the creepiest horror films ever made. A nightmare that repeats itself endlessly until it becomes a reality. Black and white in Japanese with subtitles. Absolutely essential viewing.

'Substandard performance is not permitted to exist; that I warn you.' Humphrey Bogart as Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny.

The  Movie Poster Archive includes extensive poster images from the films of stars like Susan Hayward, Kirk Douglas, Katharine Hepburn and many more. Our featured star is Errol Flynn.

Selections from the Feature Archive include articles on Akira KurosawaBlonde BimbosFrank Darabont, Steven Culp, John Herzfeld or Vietnam: The Hollywood Pariah, and many more....

Thorough a Lens, Obliquely

Flicks about Hollywood make fascinating material, but the establishment isn't always totally forthcoming. Click on the Hollywood montage for a look at some of the best Hollywood films about the movie-making business.