Polygram/1997/128m/WS 2.35, PS 1.33

         The Game has an interesting concept. A player has a real life adventure designed for him. He is a participant in a dangerous but controlled mystery. The lines between the game and reality are blurred. Danger is palpable. Can you stop playing once you have entered into The Game?
     Ultra successful, multi-millionaire Nicholas Van Orton's life is dominated by  work. For his birthday, philandering brother Conrad gives him a present of a passport to The Game.  At first, Nicholas brushes the frivolous idea aside, but curiosity gets the best of him and he presents his passport at the offices of The Game. Before acceptance as a player, Van Orton must undergo a series of psychological tests to make sure he is  up to the challenges of the unusual pastime. He reluctantly goes along with the requirements and before you know it he embroiled in a series of near fatal accidents. Pursued by unknown parties, Van Orton is alternately in the hunted and the hunter.
     The Game's chief problems are the preposterous situations and Van Orton's willingness to go along. The actor's are fine. Douglas as Nicholas Van Orton is a credible screen presence, and Penn, while he doesn't have a huge part, gives Conrad an appropriate measure of unpleasant aura.

game.jpg (5897 bytes)

To play or not to play.İPolygram

     The Game, director David Fincher's follow-up film to the very successful Seven, lacks the solid script of the latter. Fincher's eye for composition and lighting is still top notch. And The Game moves along at a very brisk clip.
    This must be the best looking DVD to come from Polygram. Light levels are delicate and beautifully controlled. The natural looking palette used by director Fincher is perfectly preserved on the DVD. Breaking glass and screeching car wheels are well detailed and located by the Dolby Digital 5:1 soundtrack.


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