Johnny Mnemonic/B/B+

Columbia/1995/103m/ANA 1.85,FS 1.33

   This much maligned Scifi flick seems true to its own material. The arc of its story follows a straight line through the vision of first time director, artist, Robert Longo. Scifi writer William Gibson wrote the screenplay based on his own short story. The action is non-stop, explosive and the false steps interesting.

johnnym.jpg (4866 bytes)

Reeves and Meyer in the dark.  
©Columbia Tristar

      Keanu Reeves is icy as the courier with a computer implant and Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers) is a hoot as his partner in grime.
     The very dark palette of Johnny Mnemonic needs all the video help it can get and DVD provides the answer with a crisp detailed transfer. Explosion transitions are bright and stable against the black backgrounds of this Scifi techno landscape. The Dolby 5:1 sound is outstanding with solid bass extension and enveloping detail.






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