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Death Becomes Her/C+,B

Universal/1992/103m/FS 1.33

           Robert Zemeckis' feverish attempt to marry mad-cap black comedy with technology falls flat mainly because the script is a good idea gone awry. Poking fun at people obsessed with beauty and youth is an easy target, but Death Becomes Her does not have a character we can side with nor much reason for the players to go through with their lines other than the special effects that we are supposed to chuckle at.
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Plastic ladies.ŠUniversal

    The colorful coastal sequences and hotel hijinx are all presented in bright high key colors that have been transferred surely to DVD. The image is very sharp and few NTSC artifacts if any are evident. The Dolby 5:1 sound adds excellent presence, but this is not a film that succeeds on its ambience.