Grosse Pointe Blank/A-,A-

Hollywood/1997/107m/WS 1.85:1

       A clever idea is carried out to maximum fulfillment as hitman Martin Blank returns to his ten year high school reunion. John Cusack is terrific as the hitman with a conscience and Minnie Driver is perfection as his long lost love, now a local disc jockey. Joan Cusack has some magic moments as Blank's efficient secretary and Dan Aykroyd manages to stay within the bounds of his character as a rival gun for hire. Even the explosions are well-timed and the shoot-outs choreographed with a nod to John Woo.
     Directed with brilliant energy by George Armitage who also did the excellent Miami Blues (Hey George, where've you been. How about some more movies!) several years ago, Grosse Pointe Blank maintains a breathtaking pace and consistent sense of dark humor throughout.

grossepoint.jpg (7835 bytes)

Martin takes aim. ©Miramax

      Another outstanding transfer from the Disney crew, Grosse Pointe Blank displays the a full range of detail with little or no noticeable NTSC artifacts. Colors are bright, contrast levels outstanding. The sound track, filled with a compendium of hot songs, really rocks.



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