Fathers' Day/C,B+


     The pitch for this film project must have gone something like "Williams and Crystal want to do it." Did anyone bother to read the script of this lame French re-make? True, there are funny moments when these two funnymen have their way with the audience, but too much of the humor can't stand up to the limited appeal of two comics doing no more than stand-up schtick. Williams and Crystal both think they are the father of the same kid and when the estranged Mom calls on them to help find the missing boy, they reluctantly team up on the road together. There's a rock band and some glitzy locales, but the movie's pretty much a mess.

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Dads in common. ©Warner

    The colorful coastal sequences and hotel hijinx are all presented in bright high key colors that have been transferred surely to DVD. The image is very sharp and few NTSC artifacts if any are evident. The Dolby 5:1 sound adds excellent presence, but this is not a film that succeeds on its ambience.    






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Robert A. Harris

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Hail, Hail, the Gangs in Hollywood

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