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Dr. Strangelove/A-,B

Columbia/196/102m/1.33 and 1.66

      The good doctor is alive and well in the War Room of Stanley Kubrick's off the wall Cold War satire. Though empires have fallen since Dr. Strangelove, the movie still produces enough elements of fear to retain its power. In many ways the world is even less predictable.
     The film moves at a machine-gun pace as U.S. bombers close in on targets in the Soviet Union..  Peter Sellers is terrific in three roles as President Muffley, Wing Commander Mandrake and Dr. Strangelove, while George C. Scott struts and postures as General Buck Turgidson.

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Scott as Turgidson       
Columbia Tristar

Sterling Hayden is positively possessed by bodily fluids in his portrayal of General Jack D. Ripper.
     Strangelove is presented in the multiple aspect ratios originally shot by director Stanley Kubrick. Best to ignore them if you can since they do not seem to add anything to the production. The source material has some errant markings, but contrasts are good and grain is reasonable on a well set-up system. The soundtrack is somewhat thin but serviceable.