Isn't She Great/D+,A
Universal/2000/96/ANA 1.85

      At least the writers of this mostly unfunny biopic about the late novelist Jacqueline Susann (Valley of the Dolls) had the decency to pose the title in the form of a question. The answer to the question is a resounding no, a no even louder than the struggling performances in this lame and even confused comedy.

What's my Job? ŠUniversal

    Andrew Bergman (The Freshman), a comic director often walking an outrageous tight rope, falls off the high wire without a net. Bergman lets Bette Midler's shrill performance as Susann rule his circus act. Unfortunately, Midler is not funny, only loud. Nathan Lane hangs around with cocker spaniel eyes as Susann's loyal husband and manager Irving Mansfield. Lane is so understated compared to Midler, he simply boring, lamentably boring. 
    Don't kill the messenger: Universal delivers the DVD with all the polish missing from the production. The bright, garish, often obnoxious world of Susann is captured in colors int   ense enough for a department store display of Lego toys. You can catch every ugly detail of Midler's performance and you can even look into Lane's eyes trying to find the missing soul.






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