Happy Gilmore/B+,B+
Universal/1996/92m/FS 1.33

     The home movie used over the credits to Happy Gilmore is enough to make this delightful Adam Sandler outing worth the purchase. The premise is very funny. Would be professional hockey player Gilmore, who can barely skate, discovers that his canon-like puck stroke produces mesmerizing golf drives. Before you can say Bob Barker, Happy's winning a pro golf qualifier and is the newest and most original personality to ever sully the august putting greens of golf's Masters tournament.
     Adam Sandler may never have a script that matches his talent so well. Goofy, earnest, charming, and offensive, Sandler, who co-wrote the script with Tim Herlihy, makes Happy Gilmore extremely likable in almost every situation in this film. Sandler has some help in charming audiences in the fresh, adorable face of Julie Bowen, who has the task as Golf Tour Publicity Director to shepherd Gilmore through his shenanigans without giving the tour an X rating. Christopher McDonald, as the current tour champion, who was excellent as the host in Quiz Show, provides all the competition Sandler needs.    

happygilmore.jpg (9301 bytes)

Bob meets Happy. Watch out! İMCA-Universal

The full frame transfer is sharp, bright and beautiful and does not seem to be compromised compositionally. Colors literally jump off the screen like Gilmore's drives jump on his golf clubs. The Dolby Digital 5:1 surround is active and the sound of Happy's golf balls flying off the tee adds a dimension of delight.








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