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Lost in Space(SE)/C-,A

New Line/1998/108m/ANA,WS 2.35,PS 1.33

     The title refers to the screenplay, of course, floating through some black hole, devoid of substance, yet sadly in evidence. One supposes that the filmmakers were trying to manufacture a camp exploitation movie experience from the 1960s science fiction television series. Lost in Space fails to muster up any worthwhile humor or erstwhile action. Too bad, since a lot of polished effort has been wasted in making a very slick looking film, though I must say the special effects looked hokey at times despite being evidently expensive.
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Will puts the robot pieces together again.©New Line

     Time's running out on Earth. In a mere decade the planet will no longer be able to support life. Dr. Robinson with his family as crew takes on the task of using the hyperdrive he developed to catapult a spaceship to a distant planet to prepare for colonization. Use of the hyperdrive allows the Robinson family to travel into the future to pave the way for Earth's evacuation. The Villainous saboteur is the ridiculous Dr. Smith. The real adventure begins when Smith's sabotage backfires and leaves the ship Lost in Space.
     Will the Robinson's find their way back home? Will they be able to save the Earth? Will Penny Robinson fall in love with hot shot pilot Major West? Will Doctor and Mrs. Robinson get through a stressful patch in their marriage. Will Dr. Smith's punishment fit the crime? And will the robot repeat the words "Danger Will Robinson!"? For answers to these and the ultimate question, why Lost in Space was made, tune in to this information packed special edition DVD.
     Wow! This is some packed special edition. Two audio commentaries, deleted scenes, a stash of cinematic energy, alas all about a movie as weak-legged as Lost in Space. Judging from some of the deleted scenes, director Stephen Hopkins may have been going for more silliness in his cut, but nothing was going to rescue this group of space travelers from cinematic oblivion. The Lost in Space DVD also functions as a DVD ROM, loading interactive software your computer. There’s a game to play, a robot to use, and an Internet link to New Line. A copy of the script is included for your enjoyment.
     Lost in Space is a great DVD production, measuring up to the standards of a effects laden science fiction film. Beautiful, deep blacks, full rich colors and razor sharp images are implemented for the DVD voyage. Surround effects are powerful and directional. A first rate production for a third rate movie.

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