Last Boy Scout/C,B

Warner/1991/105m/ANA 2.35,PS 1.33

     This is the film from the script that supposedly raised the anti on spec scripts in Hollywood, selling for more than a million dollars at auction. Let's hope that the script was better than the final product, which turns out is little more than an excuse for alternating wise crack and explosions.
     Relative pleasure is salvaged by excellent chemistry between screen buddies Bruce Willis and Damon Wayons playing respectively a seedy detective and a former football star banned from the league. Unfortunately, the plotting is silly. At least director Tony Scott keeps the action moving along with little time to think about what's happening.

lastboyscout.jpg (8483 bytes)

If you want explosions, The Last Boy Scout delivers. ©Warner

        Overall, this 16x9 enhanced DVD is a decent watch. There are a number of scenes I found too grainy, but it's likely that is the way the master was delivered. The 5:1 Dolby sound it active, but not scintillating. Bass extension is fine. Connoisseurs of the explosion will not be disappointed.






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