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             The nuclear confrontation actioner set aboard the United States Submarine Alabama is enormously successful in accomplishing its goals. It sets up the confrontation between Captain and Executive Officer of the boat carefully as it parallels the confrontation between the United States and Russia. Tension are maintained so tightly that those minor false steps do not intrude on the pure pleasure of this underwater voyage.
    The brilliance of Crimson Tide is that it does not present a clear cut case of right and wrong for either Captain Ramsey or Lt. Commander Hunter. Each, in his own way, has acted right and wrong. Obviously, Hunter is proven right in terms of result and the script does paint lopsided picture of Ramsey. There are questions: Is the picture painted of Ramsey consistent with the way his men feel about him? Are Ramsey’s actions indeed consistent with the man he has been set up to be?
    Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman are fabulous.  George Dzundza, playing Cob(Chief of Boat)is given an excellent role to show off his acting skill and Viggo Mortensen does excellent supporting work in the role of Weps.
    Director Tony Scott has done a terrific job of putting together the diverse elements that make Crimson Tide such a top notch film experience. Scott opens up the confines of the submarine with imaginative movement, yet maintains the claustrophobic tension.

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Hunter vs. Ramsey. Deep confrontation.©Hollywood

     Crimson Tide looks excellent on this widescreen 2.35 DVD, but I can only think how much more beautiful this finely shot film would look anamorphic widescreen. Still, the difficult reds of the film are brilliantly contained and all the low light situations look uniformly clean and detailed.  The 5:1 surround sound is extremely detailed, defining the mechanics and boundaries of the submarine with military precision.
































































































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