Godfather DVD Collection

    The Godfather Collection contains all three movies plus an additional DVD of supplemental material. Paramount through American Zoetrope has packaged The Godfather Collection elegantly in a sleeve containing four DVD cases. Each case is dressed in beautiful sepia tones with the image of Brando for The Godfather cover, Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro on two flaps of the two DVD set of The Godfather Part II, and the older Pacino adorning the cover of The Godfather Part III. All the supplemental material save the individual commentaries is contained on a fifth DVD in its own jacket with Francis Ford Coppola on the cover.

     The heart of the collection is The Godfather, the mesmerizing story of family and crime politics told with old world elegance. Full Godfather Review

     The Godfather Part II is the story of Michael Corleone's ascension to the head of the family. The new Don Corleone establishes himself and his family comfortably close to his Las Vegas gambling money machine in Lake Tahoe. At the same time the story travels back in time to trace Vito Corleone's rise from a grocery clerk to the head of New York's most powerful crime family. Full Godfather Part II Review

     If the The Godfather Part II focused on the rise of Michael Corleone, Part III is a depiction of his fall. From New York to Italy, director Coppola tries hard to retain the level of the first two films. Full Godfather Part III Review

     The heart of the special edition are the Coppola audio commentaries on the individual films. The Supplemental DVD extensive Behind the Scenes material, including work sessions for The Godfather Part III with Coppola and Puzo and home movie screen tests made by Coppola of Pacino, Duval and Caan. Gordon Willis shares some memories of his cinematography and Production Designer Dean Tavoularis hosts a mini-tour of some of the locations. The Godfather Family Tree provides written sketches of the extended family. Thirty deleted scenes that were added to the films to make made up The Godfather Epic are presented in chronological order. Tapes of Academy Award Broadcast presentations are included. Trailers for all three films are included as well. There's also written biographical material on the filmmakers. 





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