Heroic Trio/C+,C+

Tai Seng/1993/87 minutes

     Something about The Heroic Trio titillates the lingering adolescence in me. Maybe it's three beautiful women flying through the air with more grace than hoard of traditional action heroes. You certainly have to accept the outrageous conventions of Hong Kong action movies to fully enjoy The Heroic Trio. Heroes dress in the wackiest latex costumes, a mysterious society fulminates from the bowels of the city and good and evil fight a battle for the sole of man. The three actresses that form the trio Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh each have their own appeal and form a nice balance. Director Johnny To keeps the pace swift and while some of the cuts may be confusing, after a bit one relaxes to the unique Hong Kong rhythms of this film.

heroictrio.jpg (5098 bytes)

Maggie Cheung, one third of The Heroic Trio      Paka Hill

     I approached the this DVD with a good deal of trepidation,   having experienced some rather poor transfers from the smaller labels. Though the image is not outstanding, it does not unduly limit the pleasures of this Hong Kong action flick. Reasonably sharp and presented in 1.85 aspect ratio, there is some excess grain and muddy color. I tried watching in English and Mandarin, but the dubbing was too disconcerting, and finally opted for Cantonese with English subtitles. It's nice to the choice.






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