Check out these Foreign language films reviewed at Films on Disc. All have English subtitles. Quality varies, but often these DVDs will be the only chance you have to see some films on DVD.

4th Man (SE) / A-. A-

A Better Tomorrow A-, C-

All About My Mother/ B+, B+

A Taste of Cherry/ A-,B

Amélie (SE)/ B+, A-

Amores Perros (SE)/ A-,B

An Autumn's Tale/ B-, C+

Any Number Can Win/ B+, D

Arabian Nights/C+,C+

Audition (SE)/ A-,B

Beast, The/D+, D+

Beau Pere/ B+, D

Before Night Falls (SE)/ B+,A

Bob Le Flambeur (SE)/ A-, B

Bossa Nova (SE)/ B+, A-

Bread and Tulips/ B+, B+

Bridge, The/ B, B-

Captaine Conan/ F

Central Station (SE)/ A-, B+

Chinese Box/ B,B

Chushingura/ A, B

Cobra Verde (SE)/ B+,B+

Crimson Rivers (SE)/ B, B-

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (SE)/ B+, B+

Das Boot/A,A-

Decalogue/ A, C

Deep Red (Profundo Rosso)/ B+, B+

Dersu Uzala/ B+, C-

Dinner Game/ B+, A-

Don't Touch the White Woman/B,C+ 

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman/ B+, A-

Enigma of Kaspar Hauser/ (SE)/ B+, D+

Executioners/ C, B

Fitzcarraldo (SE)/ A, B+

Grand Illusion (SE)/A,A

Hard Boiled/ B-, D

Heroic Trio/C+,C+

High and Low/ A, C+

Humanite/ B-, B

Irma Vep/B+,B+

Joy House/ B, C+

Ju Dou/ A, B-

King of Masks/ A-, C

Kwaidan/ A, B+




La Femme Nikita B+,C+

Lagaan/ C, C+

La Separation/ A-, C

Le Magnifique/ B, B

Le Professionnel/ C,B

Le Trou A-, A-

Life on a String/ B+, D-

Like Water for Chocolate/ B+, C

Madadayo/ C-, D+

Malèna/ A-, B+

My Favorite Season/ B+, C+

Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud/ B+,B+

New Eve/ B, B+

New Fist of Fury/C+,D-

Nights of Cabiria(SE)A,A  

Not One Less/B+,B+

Operation Condor: Armour of God II/C+,C+ 

Our Lady of the Assassins/B+,B+

Pillow Book/B+,B+ 

Purple Noon/ B+, C+

Rabid Dogs/B+,C+


Red Violin, The/B+,A  

Rififi/ B+,B+


Run Lola Run (SE)/B+,A-

Sanjuro/ B+,B

Seeking Asylum/C,C-

Shadow Magic (SE)/ A- B+

Shanghai Triad/A-,C+

Steam/ A-, D

Swept Away/B,B-


Taste of Cherry, A / A-,B

Temptation of a Monk/B,B

Triumph of the Will (SE)/A,B+

Turkish Delight (SE)/B,B+

Vanishing, The/A,B

Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For the East?/B,C

Wild Reeds/A-,B

Woman in the Dunes/A,B+

Yi Yi (SE)/ A-,D





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