Susan Hayward(Born 1918-1975)

     A Hollywood original and one of the earthiest actresses to grace the screen, Susan Hayward appeared in almost sixty films beginning in 1937 through her last movie made for television in 1972, Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole. With flaming red hair and a  voice that ranged from  throaty purr to challenging rasp, Hayward played tough with tough guy co-stars. Though she won her only Oscar© after five nominations as Best Actress for I Want to Live, the story of   Barbara Graham, a woman sentenced to death, and her battle to stop the inevitable, Hayward was most memorable playing opposite strong men. I remember her best for the feistiness she exuded opposite Clark Gable in Soldier of Fortune, or her down-to-earth presence in The Lusty Men opposite Robert Mitchum and Arthur Kennedy. Equally at home in adventure films or steamy romances, Hayward's fire seldom let audiences down. In her later films she played mostly fallen women in weepers that focused more on her bitchiness than the tough sexiness that made her a genuine screen goddess. The list of male co-stars is a Who's Who of Golden Hollywood including John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston, Tyrone Power, Gary Cooper, Edward G. Robinson, and on and on.

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