William Holden(1918-1981)

     Some of William Holden's greatest roles came late in his career. The Wild Bunch is a defining role. Pike Bishop is the role of a lifetime and coming as his matinee looks were just beginning to fade, it was an opportunity to focus on the fine acting of this movie star. Holden's versatility ran the gamut from light comedy to westerns to actions movies and contemporary dramas. Whether a war hero in The Bridges of Toko-Ri or a sardonic survivor as the prisoner of war in Stalag 17, Holden convinced audiences that his characters were real people. Holden refined the likeable cynic on screen. My favorite Holden performances include the writer in Sunset Boulevard, fighter Joe Bonaparte in Golden Boy, the cowpoke in The Wild Rovers, Bridge on the River Kwai, and of course, The Wild Bunch.

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