Rock Star (SE)/ C+, A
Warner /2001/106/ANA 2.35

     Rock Star is a movie is the saga of the rise to rock heaven of Chris Cole.  It's about finding himself, expressing himself., being true to himself. One dream turns into reality, morphs into another reality, then gives way to yet another dream of self expression.  Ultimately, Chris's journey is insignificant. If you can't true to yourself how can you be true to someone else; it may not particularly well-developed or examined, but the message it clearly there. 
   This is one emotionally vacuous trip with concerts strung out end to end. The first hour or more plays at one level and has little variation. The script has a lack of humor about itself or the scene; it takes itself seriously and it's not very serious.

Are you talkin' to me? ©Warner

    The music fails to connect with me and I am sure I would have enjoyed the movie more if I could have appreciated it. It's a great looking film with excellent production values. Some of the on-screen bickering between the band members is ridiculous. The later scene when Chris tries out for Steel Dragon, which echoes the scene when he leaves his own band is annoying as it intentionally mimics the first scene.
     Wahlberg is effective enough in the rather bland role of Chris/Issy and Jennifer Anniston has good screen presence stands up to the role well of girl friend and manager Emily. Minor casting is unexceptional and and somewhat vanilla. The colossal stupidity of the main character makes it virtually impossible to get into any level of seriousness. 
     It's a pretty picture to look at but in the end it's a very empty story with no meat on the bones. It's simply artificial. There's some truly inane and stupid dialogue amongst the wives and girlfriends in the limousine on the road. The photography and overall look of the film is terrific. Stephen Herek's pacing and command over the production maximizes inflates an otherwise limp structure. Best line in the film is delivered by Emily: "I'm a businesswoman and rule number one is that you go where the talent is and all the fucking talent that was in this band just left the room."
     Opening credit sequence has incredible blacks, wonderful color, detail at reference level and surround sound captures the venue to excellent effect. Bass is fabulous. It resounds without being too boomy. Chris's room is an explosion of garish entertaining color. All the details of the posters are well delineated. Shadow detail is lovely. Enormous detail is maintained in the darker scenes and the range is full. Stephen Herek delivers a comfortable commentary track elaborating on the production challenges.

Reviewed on a Sharp 9000VX DLP Projector



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