Katharine Hepburn(Born 1907-)

         The glorious Katharine Hepburn, from dizzy comedy to dramas of the heart, captured audiences from the 1930's until the 1980's. Hepburn's appeal comes mostly from within. In quick acting strokes, this comfortably established a screen persona of strong  individuality. Whether playing zany opposite Cary Grant in the brilliant Howard Hawks comedy Bringing up Baby (1938), or turning rich sophistication upside down in The Philadelphia Story (1940), Katharine Hepburn was an original. Hepburn exudes New England with every phrase, reflecting not only the distinctive accent, but the values.
     Hepburn has been nominated as Best Actress eight times by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the envelope revealed her a winner three times, for Morning Glory (1933)Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) and The Lion in Winter(1968).
      For many movie fans,  Hepburn's teaming with Spencer Tracy on screen is most memorable. Together this pair made  nine films, many of them splendid comedies. Their on screen chemistry translated to a  twenty year off-screen permanent relationship, though Tracy, a devout Catholic, never divorced his wife. Myself, I love Hepburn most opposite Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen (1951).  It was the perfect time in her life for that role. She's not afraid to play prim, proper and dried up, but the adventure opens up her womanhood like an African violet. Talk about chemistry! Bogart as the irascible Charlie Allnut meets bible toting missionary Rose Sayer. Together they run the rapids, battle leeches and swamp, and  find love through their incredible shared adventure. And talk about versatility; from spinster Rose in The African Queen to sports phenom Pat Pemberton in Pat and Mike (1952), opposite Tracy. She's definitely cherce!
     Hepburn fans might want to read her excellent memoir, The Making of the African Queen or Garson Kanin's fine Tracy and Hepburn. The great lady Kate is in frail health these days. She can be proud of the film legacy she has left to movie lovers.

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