Wild Things(SE)/C+,A
Columbia-Tristar/1998/108m/ANA,WS 2.35,PS 1.33
     Blue Bay’s posh beach community is about to capsize under the weight of an improbable rape scandal. Beautiful socialite heiress Kelly Van Horn accuses her high school  guidance counselor Sam Lombardo of rape. The very popular Lombardo may be an unlikely suspect, but accusation is close enough to conviction in this blue blood community.

wildthings.JPG (10675 bytes)

It's the old Blue Bay Jeep come-on.©Universal

     You know that director John McNaughton is having fun with the plot gyrations and character turns. The biggest hurdle for Wild Things is straddling the line between a comic vision and a clever thriller. It's not funny enough and it's a mite too clever for its own success. The actors clearly have a grand time performing under McNaughton's guidance in the lush coastal settings. Matt Dillon is effective as Sam Lombardo, yet there are times when he seems unsure of what direction the character should be heading. The pretty ladies are more consistent in their approach to Wild Things. Both Denise Richards and Neve Campbell manage to be appealing and appalling at the same time. Kevin Bacon rounds out the main players performing a unique Blue Bay dance. And Bill Murray is on hand with a broad performance as shyster ambulance chaser Ken Bowden. Murray almost seems like he's playing in a different movie and in some ways is the chief clue to director McNaughton's real objectives in Wild Things.
     The somewhat sleazy and suggestive score by George S. Clinton is very effective, echoing the sexual gyrations of the characters. The camera work is outstanding, creating bright and slutty images to coordinate with the shady shenanigans.
    Wild Things is a great looking DVD. Intense tropical colors are complimented by perfectly balanced dark, steamy nights. The DVD captures every essence of evil reflected in the eyes of its players with ease. There's no evidence of undue image  enhancement. The soundtrack is terrific. The music pushes air with push to spare. Sonic ambiance is recreated beautifully on the Dolby Digital 5:1 surround sound. And this is a special edition to boot, featuring a commentary by director John McNaughton and some deleted scenes. Man, catch that missing finger in the alligator's jaw. Ugh!






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