Republic/1996/92m/WS 1.85

        A lean and delicious tale from a Stephen King story, Thinner takes special delight in reducing its star Robert Burke to a bag of bones. After an accident involving a gypsy visiting his small New England town, lawyer Billy Halleck finds his life takes a dramatic, horrifying and unexpected turn.


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Incredulous losses. ©Republic Home Video

    Burke, a Hal Hartley regular, carries his varied make-up well and does an excellent job of giving his character a center of believability. Joe Mantegna provides good support as a Mafioso client.
     Thinner is presented as a special edition DVD, providing an excellent second audio commentary from director Tom Holland and Mantegna and a documentary focused on the extensive make-up used in the film. Presented in 1.85 aspect ratio only, the widescreen DVD is quite stunning. THX certified sound adds to the power of the presentation.



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