Terminator2:Judgement Day/B+,A-

Live/1991/139m?ANA 2.35

     Itís a natural that the technical wizardry of T2 should mark the debut of DVD RSDL for a single movie on dual DVD layers. The result is no impediment to the dynamic flow of the relentless terminator pursuit.

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First meeting.Live

     T2 is an exciting action film, yet it lacks an element of humanity that the original Terminator captured. Itís a hell of a ride though. The special effects are expertly integrated with story and the climax is dynamite.
     T2 DVD is presented in anamorphic and widescreen ratios. The images are sharp, color accurate and the sound dynamic. Itís a shame a 5:1 Dolby mix was not done for T2, but it is no doubt a choice of the director.



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