Charlie's Angels (SE)/ C, B+
Columbia/2000/99/ANA 2.35

     What a poor excuse for a movie. It's more a fashion show. The explosion of production design and costume changes are reminiscent of window shopping on a high fashion street. The plot and characters are lame beyond shame. Yet, the production values are very high. Even the fight sequences are well choreographed, but, hello, it is really necessary to foist Crispin Glover on Western civilization as a movie villain? Even a desperately comic villain? 
    Charlie's Angel's, another film spawned from a popular TV series, goes for camp in a big way. Everything is exaggerated. Even the visual scheme is one big hyperbole. But camp should be unintentional,  arising out of the organic smell of the raw material. Charlie's Angels smells like plastic. Plastic comedy manufacturers from used television artifacts best left undisturbed. Despite the multitude of ineptitude there's moderate entertainment value from the production assault.

The Angels in one of their many costumes. ©Columbia

    Yes, the girls are great to look at!  No complaints, none. Cameron Diaz kicks butt with the best of the high kickers as Natalie. Drew Barrymore's Dylan might be a tad too cute, but she gets her gams ready for a variety of jumps with pleasing grace. Lucy Liu is lithe and athletic as third angel Alex. Bill Murray is only a minor annoyance as Bosley.
    Charlie's Angels look as scrumptious as its lady leads. The color is a delight on this transfer of a brightly lit, thoroughly garish production. Lips brushed glossy red glisten lusciously. Blacks are velvet deep with excellent detail. It's a very sharp transfer, though there is evidence of  some peak transition edginess. Ornate patterns come to detailed life. The Dolby Digital 5:1 audio is active and engaging.
    If you want to delve into the secrets of Charlie's Angels, it's delivered here as a special edition. You can watch the girls go through arduous training to make their costumes look great on them when they wire work jumps and leaps. Director Joseph McGinty Nichol and cinematographer Russell Carpenter provide enjoyable audio commentary.   There are six featurettes, a blooper reel and deleted scenes. It's probably an excellent crash course in overripe fashion design.




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Ghost World/ A, A

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