HBO/1999/131/FS 1.33
     Gary Sinese captures Harry S. Truman in this biopic of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's successor with a great talent for mimicry. You can compare Sinese's gait and overall appearance to some of the newsreel footage of Truman that's incorporated into the film.

Give 'em hell, Harry. İHBO

     The great fascination with the Truman story is how in hell's name did the man become President? Tracing the path to the White House is an interesting, if mostly mundane, story, of a man trying to find a place for himself. Truman is depicted as a guy who wants to do good, but also as a man compromised by his own shortcomings. From the Missouri beginnings of his political career under the blatantly corrupt Boss Pendergast, to his stomping the campaign trail for election as President, the Truman road is paved with questionable material.
     Along with Sinese, Diana Scarwid does an outstanding job, in gobs of make-up, as Bess Truman, the President's loyal wife, who tells it like it is in monosyllables. Harris Yulin seems out of uniform as General George C. Marshall, while Colm Feore is comfortable int he role of Truman's press advisor. 
     The DVD transfer is delivered in consistently soft focus. Is it possible that the original elements looked like this? Not a chance. Let's lay the blame on the transfer. The picture often feels like it is blooming slightly, thereby causing an overall lost of definition. Colors are okay, contrast is unremarkable, and the brightness level is more than adequate for display on any variety of monitors. The Dolby Digital 2-channel surround is clean with few effects making it to the surrounds.   


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