By Stu Kobak

    Oscar© is the buzz-word in all the local newspaper entertainment pages. You can't pass an ad without some Oscar© mention. The two page spreads feature contenders for the Best Film of 2001. Studios are mustering up the advertising dollars to promote acting performances in the hope of an Academy nod. Awards often mean big box office bucks and now's the time to muster the collective publicity minds to put the best faces forward.
    Considering the importance of the little statuette each year, you would think that every Oscar© winner for Best Picture would already be out on DVD. The format has been pumping out titles for four years now. Most of the 72 movies picked as Best Picture are available on DVD. The exceptions are generally older films, though Schindler's List has yet to make it's DVD bow and The Last Emperor sports a transfer that would make a homeless person's attire look like it came from Christian Dior. The following Best Picture Oscar© recipients have yet to appear on DVD:

**Announced for Release Since 2/14/02

Wings 1927
Broadway Melody 1930
Cimarron 1931
Grand Hotel 1932
Cavalcade 1934
Mutiny on the Bounty 1936
The Great Ziegfeld 1937
Life of Emile Zola 1938
You Can't Take it With You 1939
Greatest Show on Earth 1952
Around the World in Eighty Days 1956
Schindler's List 1993

     You've got to give the studios credit for getting most of their Best Picture Award Winners out on DVD. We'll keep track of the missing ones and strike a red line through them when they get a DVD release with an indication of the release date.

For a full list of all the Academy Award Best Picture© Winners go to the following link at IMDB:
Academy Awards, USA

     Award winning actors don't seem to get as much respect from the studios. Of the performances that have received the Oscar© for a leading role, the following have yet to spin on DVD:

William Hurt - KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN 1985
Jon Voight - COMING HOME 1978**
Art Carney - HARRY AND TONTO 1974 
Jack Lemmon - SAVE THE TIGER 1973 
Cliff Robertson - CHARLY 1968 
Maximilian Schell - JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG 1961 
Humphrey Bogart - THE AFRICAN QUEEN 1951 
Ronald Colman - A DOUBLE LIFE 1947 
Paul Lukas - WATCH ON THE RHINE 1943 
James Cagney - YANKEE DOODLE DANDY  1942
Gary Cooper - SERGEANT YORK 1941 
Robert Donat - GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS 1939
Spencer Tracy - BOYS TOWN 1938 
Spencer Tracy - CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS 1937 
Victor McLaglen - THE INFORMER 1935 
Charles Laughton - THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII 1933
Wallace Beery - THE CHAMP1932
Fredric March - DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE
Lionel Barrymore - A FREE SOUL 1931
George Arliss - DISRAELI 1930
Warner Baxter - IN OLD ARIZONA 1929 
Emil Jannings - THE LAST COMMAND

     Is it surprising that actresses get the short shrift? The list of Actresses in a Leading Role performances yet to appear on DVD is significantly longer than their male counterparts. Just about half of the Best Actress Oscar© roles are DVDMIA. 

Geraldine Page - THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL 1985
Sissy Spacek - COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER 1980
Jane Fonda - COMING HOME 1978**
Glenda Jackson - WOMEN IN LOVE 1970
Julie Christie - DARLING 1965 
Patricia Neal - HUD 1963 
Susan Hayward - I WANT TO LIVE! 1958**
Joanne Woodward - THE THREE FACES OF EVE 1957 
Ingrid Bergman - ANASTASIA 1956 
Anna Magnani - THE ROSE TATTOO 1955 
Grace Kelly - THE COUNTRY GIRL1954  
Audrey Hepburn - ROMAN HOLIDAY 1953 
Shirley Booth - COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA 1952 
Olivia de Havilland - THE HEIRESS 1949 
Jane Wyman - JOHNNY BELINDA 1948 
Loretta Young - THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER 1947 
Olivia de Havilland - TO EACH HIS OWN 1946 
Joan Crawford - MILDRED PIERCE 1945 
Ingrid Bergman - GASLIGHT 1944 
Jennifer Jones - THE SONG OF BERNADETTE 1943 
Greer Garson - MRS. MINIVER 1942 
Joan Fontaine - SUSPICION 1941 
Ginger Rogers - KITTY FOYLE 1940
Luise Rainer - THE GOOD EARTH 1937 
Luise Rainer - THE GREAT ZIEGFELD 1936 
Bette Davis - DANGEROUS 1935 
Katharine Hepburn - MORNING GLORY 1933 
Marie Dressler - MIN AND BILL 1931 
Norma Shearer - THE DIVORCEE 1930
Mary Pickford - COQUETTE 1929 

To find a list of all the Academy Award© winners you can go to:


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