Nightmare Before Christmas/B+,A-

Buena Vista/1993/76m/WS 1.66

     A dark vision from the imagination of Tim Burton, this deviant Christmas story is told in Claymation-type animation. Thoroughly creepy, with characters stitched together from the ghost of holidays past, Burton's material could be a might strong for very young viewers. The music and lyrics by Danny Elfman are effective.

nightmarebeforechristmas.jpg (6087 bytes)

Jack in a winter wonderland. Disney

     One of the first DVDs released by the Disney video arm Buena Vista Home Entertainment, this is a sparklingly sharp 1.66:1 transfer almost three-dimensional in its delivery. The dark colors are beautifully defined. The sound is especially pleasing with an openness that helps create this animated tale's own twisted reality.






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