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The Master List By Decade
1910-1949  1950-59   1960-69  1970-79  1980-89  1990-Present



MovieTitle Year FirstName LastName CityState
1 6228 1 1 1
1492: Conquest of Paradise 1992 Esteban Saborío San José
29th Street 1991 Marc Telesca Lodi/Nj
29th Street 1991 Justin Moore NJ
29th Street 1991 Manni Leo Montreal, PQ, Canada
29th Street 1991 Mahyar Kavoosi Amsterdam
29th Street 1991 Antonio Giusto Toronto
29th Street 1991 Sal Coco Metairie
29th street 1991 Gary Openshaw Manchester uk
29th street 1991 tanya stephen scotland
29th street 1991 rob frezza pawtucket r-i
29th Street 1991 Ottavio D'Alessio Montreal, Canada
29th Street 1991 DiAna D. Rochester Hill, MI
29th street 1991 luminita turtureanu sterling heights, mi
29th Street 1991 Barbara Llamas Ca
29th Street 1991 Babzy    
29th street 1991 joe sutton las vegas nv
29th Street 1991 Billy Babbino Port Richey, FL
29th Street 1991 Chris Di Gerolamo Dodge City, Kansas
29th Street 1991 Antonio Giusto Toronto
29th Street 1991 Rocky Graziano NY/NY
29th Street 1991 Mark Green Palo Alto, CA
29th Street 1991 B Llamas Ca.
A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries** 1998 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Absolutely Fabulous (series)** 1992     redondo beach ca
Adventures Of Ford Fairlane 1990 Jason Wright Oshkosh Wisconsin
Adventures of Ford Fairlane 1990 Kristopher Goforth Jacksonville/FL
Adventures of Ford Fairlane 1990 Scott Engle Plymouth Meeting, PA
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams 1990 Mark Han Pullman WA
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (Kume) 1990 Darryl Roy Madison WI
Aladdin 1992 Esteban Saborío San José
Aladdin 1994 Melvin    
Alien Nation (The series) 1990 Jim Wert Orlando, Fl
Alive! 1993 Brad Bolander Indianapolis, IN
Alive! 1995 NA    
All About My Mother** 1999 Darrell Matthews  
Almost an Angel 1990 Eric Kinney Vancouver, WA
Almost an Angel 1990 Esteban Saborío San José
Amateur 1994 Stig Johnsen Oslo, Norway
american Chai 2002 Jagdish Patel london
American Chai 2002 Danielle Rodgers Minneapolis, MN
American Chai 2002 Jessie Perez Columbus, Ohio
American Heart 1992 Michael Berlin S.F., CA
American Me 1992 Earl Pedroza Redlands , CA
American Me 1992 Furious Styles HAWAII
american me 1992 jennifer brown fresno
American Perfekt 1997 Roger Schmitz Chicago, IL
Angels and Insects** 1995 Laszlo Layton Burbank, CA
Angus 1995 Andrew Soria Dallas TX
Animaniacs Collections 1998 Gerry Irons Palm Beach FL
Anne Frank remembered 1995      
Artemisia** 1998 James Stephens Atlanta, GA
Artificial Intelligence (techno/music/animation) 1994 Jake P Oceanside, CA
At Play in the Fields of the Lord 1991 Peter Van Eerden Sioux Falls, SD
At Play in the Fieldsof the Lord 1991 Peter Van Eerden Sioux Falls, SD
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman** 1993 Greg Williams Bartlesville, OK
aycnjpvf 258435525 aycnjpvf aycnjpvf PnaeDspIXYnqVQvq
babyfever 1994 FE    
Back to the Future III 1990 Gerry Irons Palm Beach FL
Bad Girls 1994 Billy Pueblo Chico, TX
Barcelona** 1994 Aaron Hurley Orlando, FL
Barton Fink 1991 David DePutron Orchid, FL
Barton Fink 1991 Jay Heidinger Cincinnati, OH
Barton Fink 1991 Joe Bacon Fenton, MI
Barton Fink 1991 James McKay Tucson, AZ
Batman and the Mask of the Phantasm 1993 Gerry Irons Palm Beach FL
Beautiful Thing** 1996 Dennis Deems Kansas City
beauty and the beast** 1991 Gwendolyn Aughtry Landover, MD
Belle Époque 1992 Darrell Matthews  
Belle Noiseuse, La 1991 HG   Chicago, IL
Big Man On Campus 1990 Brad Whiddon Waco Texas
Bitter Moon 1992 Marcus L Gothenburg/Sweden
bjqlun 177731139 bjqlun bjqlun IVYZtRVkpRbg
Black Sheep 1996 Christian Bulmer Watervliet, NY
black sheep 1996 bdi   michigan
bloodlust/subspecies 3 1993 billy hart richmond/va
bloodstone/subspecies 2 1993 billy hart richmond/va
Blown Away 1992 Sven Huber Vincennes/Indiana
Blown Away (Nicole Eggert) 1992 Michael B. Boise, ID
Blue 1993 SK    
Bodies, Rest and Motion 1993 Joe McGinniss Washington, DC
Bonjour Antoine 1997 DJ_Arkangel   Kansas City, MO
bonjour antoine 1997      
boondock saints 1999 mark lavold milwaukee
Boondock Saints 1999 Richard Kreiling Boca Raton/Florida
Brain Donors 1992 Harry Slinger Rozendom
brain donors 1992 billy hart richmond/va
Braveheart** 1995 Ralph Silvio  
Breaking the Waves** 1995 Darrell Matthews  
Bullet 1996 Michael B. Boise, ID
Burn't by the Sun "Utomlyonnye Solntsen" 1994 Robert Ingram newalla/ok
Butcher Boy 1997 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Butcher Boy, The 1997 Paul Glenn Fremont, NE
cannes man 1996 FE    
Cape Fear** 1991 Andrew Rowe St. John's,NF
Captain America 1991 Esteban Saborío San José
Captain America 1992 Esteban Saborío San José
Captain Ron 1992 Allan Bott Chicago IL
captain ron 1992 dean bendickson rocklin, CA
Captain Ron 1993 Charles Vollum Portland, OR
Captives 1994 Julia Dodson Dallas/TX
Career Girls 1997 R. Bilton Seattle, WA
Career Girls 1997 N. Porter New York, NY
Central Park West'TV w/ R .Welch 1995 Carlos Camiñas Miami, Fl.
Character "Karakter" 1997 Robert Ingram newalla/ok
Chris Rock: Bring the Pain (HBO Special) 1996 Gary Lewis Detroit, MI
Cinderella 2** 2002 FELICIA Moretto CHATHAM
Citizen X 1995 George Campbell  
City of Joy 1992 Stu Kobak  
Civil War,The by Ken Burns 1996 Monte Festog Frederick/MD
Clerks 1994 Jelena Radosavcev Belgrade/Serbia
Close My Eyes 1991 Alan Rickman  
Cold Comfort Farm 1995     redondo beach CA
Cold Comfort Farm 1995 Nathan Churchward Sydney AU
COLLECTORS (Dir. Julian P. Hobbs) 2000 J. B. MS
comfort of strangers 1991 FE    
Conagher 1991 Billy Pueblo Chico, TX
cool as ice 1991 Kevin Mintz Durham NC
Cool as Ice 1991 Dustin Geesey Boise, ID
Cool As Ice 1991 Don Turner Cherryville
Cool as ice 1991 Bianca Botha South Africa
Cool As Ice 1991 Don Turner Cherryville, Mo
Cool as Ice 1991      
Cool as Ice 1991 Kevin Mintz Durham NC
cool world 1992 billy hart richmond/va
corndog man 1997 shellyjas jacks sacramento, ca
corndog man 1998 FE    
corndog man 1999 Daniel Covrett Seattle, Wa
corndog man 1999 mike drevs rockford il
Corndog Man, The 1999 sal coco La.
Crow, The (Directors Cut) 1994 Len Wenzel Toronto
Cyrano de Bergarac 1990 Robert Ingram newalla/ok
Dances With Wolves 1991 Jeff B. Portland, OR
Dances with Wolves - long version 1990 B K Woodland Park, CO
Dances with Wolves extended edition 1990 chuck parker leesburg, fl
dangerous game 1993 FE    
Dangerous Game (Abel Ferrara) 1990 James Bell U.K.
Dark Angel (the tv show) 2000 Kevin Fisher Ohio
Dark Angel: the Ascent 1994 Harlen Welsh Boston
deancgntfzj 736965916 deancgntfzj deancgntfzj aAwuYsxDONPms
Death Scenes 1995 J. B. MS
Defending Your Life* 1991 Clay Henson Marietta GA
Defending Your Life** 1990 Melvin    
Delicatessen 1991 Darryl Roy Madison WI
Desperate Remedies 1993     Redondo Beach CA
dill scallion 1999 FE    
Dill Scallion 1999 Mary Fogarty Minneapolis, MN
Dill Scallion 1999 Jordan Brady CA
Dill Scallion 1999 Mary Klaire   VA Beach
Dreams 1990 Kurt Kendzulak San Jose/CA
Dreams 1990 David smith Sioux Falls SD
Dreams 1990 Genneva Maschler Los Angeles, CA
Dreams - Akira Kurosawa 1990 Brian C. Dallas/TX
Dreams - Akira Kurosawa 1990 Joshua Wade Chicago/IL
Dreams ~ Kurosawa 1990 C C Miami, Fl.
Dreams, Akira Kurosawa's 1990 Todd Strother Moline, IL
Drive 2000 Becky Stanley Leicester
drop dead fred 1991 fiona souter elgin moray
drop dead fred 1991 mel robinson panaca, nv
drop dead fred 1991 mel   nevada
drop dead fred 1991 c jones los angeles
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Rebecca Marsh UK
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Ben Handin Boynton Beach, FL
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Sherri Corker Sausalito, CA
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Sarah Hall Chicago
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Nick Blackford UK
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Margaret Mroczek Birmingham
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Scott Hassel Jacksonville, FL.
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Lauren Derr Midlothian, VA
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Ted Ortmann Austin, TX
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Jennifer Schmidt Fontana, CA
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Theresa Singer Detroit, MI
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Mike Ciotti Oklahoma City OK
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Steve Buschbacher Chicago, IL
drop dead fred 1996 bruce souter elgin, moray
DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp 1990 Esteban Saborío San José
DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp 1990 Esteban Saborío San José
Dust Devil 1992      
Eat Drink Man Woman** 1994 Darrell Matthews  
Eat Drink Man Woman** 1996 Enoch Hsu Los Angeles, CA
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman** 1994 Jough Dempsey Norwood, PA
Ed Wood** 1994 Harold Gervais Chicago, Il
Eddie & The Cruisers 1990 Gary Bruce Shreveport, La.
Eddie & the crusers 2 eddie lives 1990 Richard Archambeau Marion illinois
eddie and the cruisers 2 dvd 2989 david ra  
Education of Little Tree, The 1998 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Edward Scissorhands** 1990 HG   Chicago, IL
endless summer 2 1994      
Endless Summer II 1994 Furious Styles HAWAII
Eternity and a Day 1998 Rob Sweeney Binghamton
eternity and a day 1999      
Faithless ~ BY Liv Ullmann 2000 C C Miami, Fl.
final approach 1991 neil oliver peterborough
Final Approach 1991 Darrell K. Walker Portland, ORegon
Final Approach 1991 JD S Burton/MI
Fixer, The 1998 harlen welsh boston
Flight of the Innocent 1992 SK    
Flight of the Intruder 1990 Robert Vicari Howell
Flight of the Intruder 1990 Bob Fiorito San Diego
Flower of My Scent** 1995 Darrell Matthews  
For A Lost Soldier 1992 Carlos Camiñas Miami,Fl.
Forrest Gump** 1994 Patrick Grabow Lansing
Forrest Gump** 1994 Melvin    
FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND 1990 armando a. lopez san jose, ca
Fresh** 1994 SK    
Galaxy Quest Special Edition 2000 Jay   Orleans
Gas, Food, Lodging 1992 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
GETTYSBURG** 1993      
Girl 6 1996 Angela Williams Richmond
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 David Mason Dedham/MA
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 Jonathan Belgard Louisiana
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 Christian Lloyd Tulsa/OK
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 Victor Marchese Brooklyn
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 FE    
Good Burger 1998 Khane Melt Springfield, Mo
Good Old Boys 1995 Billy Pueblo Chico, TX
Gremlins 2 The New Batch** 1990 Nickolas Thornburg Russellville, Indiana
Gremlins II The New Batch 1990 Ryan Gillespie Michigan
hamlet 1996 jared RAMSBURG hagerstown md
Hamlet 1996 Andy Anderson Redmond, WA
hamlet 1996 jared RAMSBURG hagerstown md
Hamlet (Gibson) 1991 A M Michigan
Hamlet (Mel Gibson) 1990 Len Wenzel Toronto
Hamlet: Kenneth Branagh 1996 Cindi K Phoenix, AZ
Hangin With The Homeboys 1991 Paul Weiman Washington, DC
HARDWARE 1990 BILLY HART richmond/va
Hardware 1990 Marcus L Gothenburg/Sweden
Hardware 1990 Göran Berselius Stockholm, Sweden
Harriet The Spy 1996 Khane Melt Springfield, Mo
Harry and the Hendersons 1991 Eric Kinney Vancouver, WA
hate (la haine) 1996 stephen koper newton, ma
Hearts of Darkness 1991 HG   Chicago, IL
hearts of darkness:a filmmaker's apocalypse 1991 FE    
Heaven & Earth (Haraki Kadokawa) 1990 G Fay Staten Island, NY
Heaven & Earth (Haruki Kadokawa film, not Oliver Stone) 1990      
Heaven & Earth aka Ten To Chi 1990 Nate Cohen Brandon, Florida
Heaven & Earth aka Ten To Chi 1990 Pam Hodges Los Altos/CA
Heaven and Earth 1991 Thomas Young RI
Heaven and Earth (1990; Japanese) 1990 T Kim FL
Heaven and Earth, Kurosawa 1990 Robert Gim Fairfax, VA
Heaven and Hell: North and South Book 3 1994 Erika Connell Ft Myers FL
Heavenly Creatures - Peter Jackson** 1994 Brandon Fowler Dallas/Texas
heavenly creatures** 1994 FE    
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth** 1992 Marcus L Gothenburg/Sweden
Hexed 1993 Esteban Saborío San José
High Heels 1991 Darrell Matthews  
highway 61 1991 FE    
Hoop Dreams 1994 Paul Weiman Washington, DC
Hot Shots! Part Deux** 1993 Ryan Gillespie Michigan
Hot Shots!** 1991 Ryan Gillespie Michigan
Household Saints 1993 Peter Van Eerden Sioux Falls, SD
Husbands and Lovers 1992 Michael Bate Wayland, MA
I.Q. 1994 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Ice Storm, The** 1996 Melvin    
If Looks Could Kill 1991 Esteban Saborío  
If Looks Could Kill 1991 Esteban Saborío San José
It's All True 1993 TJS    
It's My Party 1996     Redondo Beach, CA
Jack the Bear 1993 Esteban Saborío San José
Jackie Brown 1997 Mike Jackson Eugene, OR
Jackie Brown 1997 Steve Gierman Oak Lawn, IL
Jamón, Jamón 1993 Darrell Matthews  
jeepers creepers 2002 renate hector oudenbosch
jefferson in paris 1995 james loken toronto
Jetsons: The Movie 1990 Esteban Saborío San José
joe vs the volcano** 1990 chris terpstra toronto
Joe vs. the Volcano** 1990 Gregg Stephens Pleasanton, CA
Joe vs. the Volcano** 1990 Richard ALley Spartanburg, SC
Joe vs. the Volcano** 1990 John Flynn  
Joe vs. the Volcano** 1990 Jeff Carter Watertown, MA
Joe vs. the Volcano** 1990 Dillon Coil Pleasanton, CA
Joe vs. the Volcano** 1990 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Joe Vs. the Volcano** 1990 Peter Maloney Studio City/CA
Joe vs. the Volcano** 1990 Sarah Ferran San Diego, CA
johnny stecchino 1991 Renee Cox Merced CA
Johnny Stecchino 1991 Fred Manteghian Wolcott, Conn
Joy Luck Club** 1993 amy omeara jacksonville, fl
Joy Luck Club** 1993 a siebert chicago, IL
Joy Luck Club** 1993 Cynthia Doyle Boston
Jurassic Park** 1993 Gerry Irons Palm Beach FL
Kafka 1991 Alex G. Piller Buffalo, NY
kalifornia** 1993 lemus marquez reno
Keep Cool 1997 SK    
Ken Burns' "The Civil War" 1990 Ken Whitcomb Indianapolis, IN
Kennedy Center Honors--(CBS) 1998 Joe Luteran Scottsdale, AZ
Kicking & Screaming 1995 Christian Jones Gainesville, FL
Kicking & screaming 1995 kevin wagner elizabethtown, ky
king of the hill 1993 FE    
Kiss Me, Guido** 1997 Steve   Redondo Beach CA
Kiss or Kill 1997 Dave Hewitt Adelaide, Aust
laizofosf 481364491 laizofosf laizofosf VbNddHNQl
Lamerica 1995     Asheville, NC
Land and Freedom 1995 Darryl Roy Madison WI
Larger Than Life 1996 Mark Carroll Mission Viejo, Ca
Last Exit to Brooklyn 1990 Peter Van Eerden Sioux Falls, SD
Last Seduction 1994 Ron Fisher Ann Arbor, MI
last summer in the hamptons 1995 FE    
laws of gravity 1992 FE    
Le Belle Noiseuse 1991 Tim Atkinson Sydney
le pacte des loups 2001      
Life is Sweet 1991 Larry Steele Sarasota FL
Life is Sweet 1991 Phil   NYC
light sleeper** 1992 FE    
Like Water, Like Chocolate** 1992 SK    
Long Day Closes 1992 Phil   NYC
lost highway 1997 FE    
Lover, The (L'Amant)** 1992 Darrell Matthews  
Lovers: A True Story 1990 Darrell Matthews  
low life, the 1994 FE    
Man in the Moon** 1991 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Masterminds 1997      
Masterminds 1997 bdi   michigan
Maybe...Maybe Not 1994 C C Miami, Fl.
Mediterraneo 1991 Eric Weiss Golden, CO
Memories (dir. Katsuhiro Otomo) 1995 Jon N Phila/PA
Men With Guns 1997 N. Porter New York, NY
Mermaids** 1990 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Metropolitan 1990 Whit Stillman New York, NY
mi familia 1995 Mary charleston Wilmington, DE
mi familia 1995 Aaron Padilla Sioux falls, SD
mi familia 1995 Ernest Casillas City of Industry, CA
mi familia 1995 Cinthya Canol Salt Lake City, UT
mi familia 1995 Marvin Vega Fresno, CA
mi familia 1995 Erica Segura Upper Saddle River, NJ
mi familia 1995 Adrian Miranda Los Angeles, CA
mi familia 1995 Stephen Stoker Norwalk, CA
mi familia 1995 maria martinez canoga park ca
Mi Familia 1995 Jerry Loza Chicago
mi FAMILIA 1995 Yessica Pena las Vegas, NV
MI FAMILIA 1995 Ben Rios Hicksville, NY
Mi Familia 1995 Francisco Barajas Cicero
mi familia 1995 rene garcia berkeley, ca
Mi Familia 1995 Jennifer Brown Fresno, CA
mi familia 1995      
mi familia 1995 elizabeth ramirez san diego california
mi familia 1995 jorge gonzalez new york
mi familia 1995 tony banuelos los angeles
mi familia 1995 maria martinez canoga park ca
Mi Familia 1995 Pedro De la Rosa Chandler, AZ
mi familia 1995      
Mi Familia 1995 Kris Quintero Nashville
mi familia 1995 tommy Gonzales Carson, CA
mi familia ( my family..................) 1995 Elizabeth Iniestra Houston, TX
mi familia (My Family) 1995 jaime Castro San Diego
mi familia (My Family) 1995 John Velazques Cerritos, CA
mi familia (My Family) 1995 Rick Avila Bellflower, CA
mi familia (My Family) 1995 Hugo Godinez Long Beach, CA
mi familia ---(My Family) 1995 Lemni Aguilar San Francisco, CA
mi familia ---(My Family)????????? 1995 Cesar Chavez Phoenix, AZ
mi familia aka *(my family) 1995 Richard Estrada New York, NY
mi familia....... 1995 Ruby Estrada Long Beach, CA
mi familia<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> 1995 Sara Perez Portland, OR
Miami Blues 1990 SK    
midnight whispers 1999 akihiko shiota  
Midwinter's Tale 1995 Dennis Deems Kansas City
Millers Crossing 1990 Thomas Rademacher Beverly, MA
millers crossing 1990 Jack Mihoff Boston
Millers Crossing 1990 Darek Senkow Studio City / CA
millers crossing 1990 Calvin Jackson W.Bloomfield Hills,MI
Millers Crossing 1990 Derek Skawinski Boston,MA
Miller's Crossing 1990 Jean-Paul Mulero Los Angeles
Miller's Crossing 1990      
Miller's Crossing 1990 Blackbeard   Madison, WI
Miller's Crossing 1990 Gregg Stephens Pleasanton, CA
Miller's Crossing 1990 Doug Anderson Alexandria, VA
Miller's Crossing 1990 Mark Heyes Tunbridge Wells/UK
Miller's Crossing 1990 David DePutron Orchid, FL
Mirage 1995 Lynn Jickling Fort Collins, CO
Mobsters 1991 Kalyan Dandala Prescott, AZ
mountains of the moon** 1990 FE    
Mr. 2005 FRANK JOHNSON Boston, MA
Mr. Destiny 1990 Billy Pueblo Chico, TX
Music of Chance 1993 SK    
Mutter's Courage 1995 SK    
my family 1995 Eduardo Ramirez Los Angeles, CA
my Family 1995 jesse johnson New York
my Family 1995 Danny Garcia La Mirada
my family 1995 Julio Mirador Long Beach, CA
my family 1995 jose Sanchez Echo Park,CA
my family --mi familia 1995 Carl Smith Lakewood, CA
my family>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1995 Abel Guerrero Paramount, CA
My Mother's Castle 1991 nvqjr    
naked 1993 FE    
Naked Lunch 1992 Darryl Roy Madison WI
Nasty Girl 1990 SK    
Nasty Girl, The 1991 Larry Steele Sarasota FL
Nate and Hayes 1990 Dadi Sveinsson Iceland
Nicholas and Alexandra (A&E doc.) 1994      
Night of the Running Man 1995 Pete Brefczynski Madison, WI
Night on Earth 1991 Charles Fensch El Paso
Noises Off 1992      
none 2006 Peter Jones Boston, MA
none 2006 Peter Jones Boston, MA
Normal Life 1996 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Nowhere 1997 Justin Lopez CA
Nuns on the Run 1990 Esteban Saborío San José
Once Were Warriors** 1994 Robert Ingram newalla/ok
Open Your Eyes** 1997 Darrell Matthews  
Orgazmo 1997 Jason Wright Oshkosh Wisconsin
Orgazmo 1998 Eddie Hosey San Francisco
Oscar and Lucinda 1997     Asheville, NC
Oscar and Lucinda 1997 D. Jenkings Atlanta, GA
Oscar and Lucinda 1997 N. Porter New York, NY
Party Girl 1996 rex pyle brooklyn, ny
Passion in the Desert 1998 Julia Dodson Dallas/TX
PCU 1994 Marc Telesca Lodi/NJ
People Under the Stairs 1991 Trevor Pitt OHIO
Perfect Weapon 1992 Ron Helm Palmer, PA
Photographing Fairies 1998 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Picture Bride 1993 Chad G. Hon. , HI.
Picture Bride 1994 Tim Taylor Mesa, AZ
Picture Bride 1995 SK    
pjnepelif 554374637 pjnepelif pjnepelif TTEdQDCamRIXOqdBUBw
Platoon** 1992 Melvin    
Predator 2 1990 Len Wenzel Toronto
Predator 2 1990 Lance Williams Miami, FL
Predator 2 1990 Christian Bulmer Watervliet, NY
Predator 2 1990 Ray Lowe Cleveland
Prince of Tides** 1992 TL Wag Ohio
Program, The** 1993 Furious Styles HAWAII
Proof 1991 SK    
Prospero's Books 1991 William Bixler Kennesaw
Prospero's Books 1991 Darryl Roy Madison WI
Pure Luck 1991 Eric Kinney Vancouver, WA
Pure Luck 1991 Esteban Saborío San José
Purgatory 1999 Jim Brown  
Pushing Hands** 1992 Darrell Matthews  
Quick Change 1990 Harold Gervais  
Raise the Red Lantern 1991 Paul Steinke Boulder, CO
Raise the Red Lantern 1991 SK    
Reach the Rock 1998 Eric Kinney Vancouver, WA
Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker** 1994 Jough Dempsey Norwood, PA
Ref, The 1994 Ryan Nielson Minneapolis, MN
Reflecting Skin 1990 SK    
Reflecting Skin 1991 Valeria Ortiz Madrid
Reflecting Skin, The 1990 M M Vienna / Austria
Remains of the Day** 1993 Aaron Hurley Orlando, FL
Remains of the day** 1993 C C San Antonio
Return of the Jedi (Special Edition) 1997 Esteban Saborío San José
Roadside Prophets 1992 Jason Wright Oshkosh Wisconsin
roadside prophets 1992 FE    
Robin Hood: Men In Tights 1993 Rick Nevin Washington. PA
Robin Hood: Men in Tights 1993 Marc Telesca Lodi/NJ
Robin Hood: Men in Tights 1993 Marc Telesca Lodi/NJ
Robin Hood: Men in Tights 1993 Esteban Saborío San José
Robocop 2 1990 Marc Telesca Lodi/NJ
Robocop 3 1993 Marc Telesca Lodi?Nj
Rock and Roll: An Unruly History (PBS/BBC series) 1995 M G Washington, DC
Rock and Roll: An Unruly History (PBS/BBC series) 1995 Mike Carrier Parkhill, Ontario
Rocketeer** 1990 mik s peoria, AZ
Rocky Marciano 1999 Glenn MacDonald Hightstown, NJ
Romeo is Bleeding** 1993 Kris Krinkle Ypsilanti, MI
Rosalie Goes Shopping 1990 K Mc Chicago IL
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead 1990 Shawn Adair Las Vegas, NV
Ruby in Paradise 1993 SK    
Russia House** 1990 Clay Henson Marietta GA
S.F.W. 1994 Kristopher Goforth Jacksonville/FL
Safe - Todd Haynes** 1995 Brandon Fowler Dallas/Texas
Safe Men 1998 Jason Wright Oshkosh, WI
safe** 1995 FE    
Scent Of Green Papaya** 1995 George Ellsworth Duluth, MN
Schindler's List 1993 Brett Smith Los Angeles, California
schindler's list 1993 FE    
Schindler's List 1993      
Searching for Bobby Fischer** 1993 SK    
Secret in the Attic aka The Dollhouse Murders 1993 Mary Wavrusa Mesquite, TX
Secret of Roan Inish** 1995 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Secrets and Lies 1996 Pat Marvinton Asheville, NC
Secrets and Lies 1996 Randy Lortonly Philadelphia, PA
Secrets and Lies 1996 N. Porter New York, NY
Secrets and Lies 1998 N. Porter New York, NY
Shall We Dance! 2000 Billy Pueblo Chico, TX
Shanghai Triad** 1995 SK    
she wolf of london/love and curses 1990 kenneth boardman warren,Ohio
Short Cuts 1993 Neil Hinrichsen South Africa
Short Cuts 1993 Jon H. Madison, WI
Show, The 1995 Furious Styles HAWAII
Simple Men 1992      
sissi trilogy 1998 desiree   miami,fl
Ski Patrol 1990 Jason Laube St. Louis Park, MN
Slingshot, The 1993 SK    
Soapdish** 1991 SK    
Star Wars (Special Edition) 1997 Esteban Saborío San José
Star Wars: A New Hope (Special Edition) 1997 Esteban Saborío San José
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Special Edition) 1997 Esteban Saborío San José
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (Special Edition) 1997 Esteban Saborío San José
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (Special Edition) 1997 Esteban Saborío San José
State of Grace 1990 Jon H. Madison, WI
Story of Qui Ju** 1991 SK    
Strapped 1994 Paul Weiman Washington, DC
Strictly Ballroom** 1992 Larry Sears Houston, Texas
subspecies 1991 billy hart richmond/va
sunday 1997 FE    
Sweet Poison 1991 Arcangelo   Kansas City, MO
swnonqxurhy 879168422 swnonqxurhy swnonqxurhy WsXjRzfqi
swoon 1992 FE    
taitanic 1999 yoyo joun cairo
taitanic 2000 kklo dr no
Taking Care of Business 1991 Scott Hassel Jacksonville, FL.
That's Entertainment! III (anamorphic 2.35:1) 1994 Billy Pueblo Chico, TX
The Addiction 1995 Peter Van Eerden Sioux Falls, SD
the corndog man 1999 pieface   shreveport la.
The Corndog Man 1999 Janet Masick IN
The Corndog Man 1999 Harmon Hodge Lilburn GA
The Corndog Man 1999 J. B. US
The Corndog Man 1999 Don P. Lincoln, NE
The Crucible 1996 Dan Anderson Spokane/WA
The Dreamer Of Oz 1990 Juan Brown Arlington, Virginia
The Empire Strikes Back (Special Edition) 1997 Esteban Saborío San José
The Fixer 1998 Harlen Welsh Boston
The Freshman (1925) 2003 Jeffery Kyriss Columbus NE
The Good Son 1990     Oklahoma
The Legend of Billy Jean 2004 Carrie Lampman Delhi, Ont. Canada
the legend of billy jean 2004 carrie lampman delhi, ont. canada
The Little Kidnappers 1990 Cammy W Dallas, Tx
The Reagans (made for TV) 2003 Michael Bate Wayland, MA
The Wake Up Show Video Freestyles Vol.1-Tech & Sway 1997 Kid Licorice P.O.C.P. CREW PHOENIX
things behind the sun 2001 FE    
Ticks 1993 NA    
Tillsammans- a.k.a 'Together'w/ Subtitles 2000 Carlos Camiñas Miami, Fl.
To Live 1994 SK    
To Sleep With Anger 1990 Phil   NYC
toxic avenger 1990 zed yeti boise idaho
Trapped in Paradise 1994 Marc Telesca Lodi/NJ
Trois Coleurs : Bleu, Blanc, Rouge - Kieslowski 1993 Brandon Fowler Dallas/Texas
Trust 1990 Todd Goldstein Medford, MA
Twenty Bucks 1994 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Undergrund 1995      
Until the End of the World 1991      
venice! venice! 1992 FE    
Walk in the Clouds, A** 1995 SK    
Wedding Banquet 1993 Craig Kawaguchi Wailuku/HI
Wedding Banquet 1993 Darrell Matthews  
Wedding Banquet, The 1993 Enoch Hsu Los Angeles,CA
Wedding Banquet, The 1995 Howie Chen New York, NY
Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael 1991 Heather Wolf San Diego
Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael 1990 Khane Melt Springfield, Mo
What's Eating Gilbert Grape** 1993 Darrell Matthews  
when night is falling 1995 tim bisha halifax, canada
Wild at Heart 1990 Harlen Welsh Boston
Wild at Heart 1990 Mark Sweazy Loogootee,In
Wild at heart 1990 Marcus L Gothenburg/Sweden
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken 1990     Oklahoma
Wild Orchid 1990 Ian Pain Santa Monica, CA.
Wind 1992 Khane Melt Springfield, Mo
Wind 1992 Stephen   St. Louis, Mo
with friends like these 1998 FE    
Woman Chaser 1999 FE    
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 1993 Michael Shires Austin, Texas
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 1993 Mark Thornburgh Greenville, SC
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 1993 Stephen Smedley Vashon, WA
Wyatt Earp 1993 Billy Pueblo Chico, TX
Wyatt Earp 1994 Brett Farkas Akron, Ohio
xuhzxqc 823868562 xuhzxqc xuhzxqc YVgiDQmrslFJsOZ
Y Tu Mama Tambien- Uncensored 2001 Carlos Camiñas Miami., Fl.
ybvvunwnd 361244986 ybvvunwnd ybvvunwnd hlQsSuyQrBFcuAjmghk
Young Soul Rebels 1991 Paul Weiman Washington, DC
Zentropa (Europa) 1990 Darryl Roy Madison WI

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