Universal Soldier/C+,B+

 Live/1992/102m/WS 1.85

       Don't expect intricate story-telling in this action flick created to put together two screen fighting icons, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lungren. They get to take some ferocious kicks at each other in a relentless chase that serves as satisfactory platform to effectively stage the fights. Former Army veterans, both fighters have been preserved on ice as part of a government program that transforms mere men of flesh into invincible "fighting" machines. There's a simplistic prelude set in a jungle a long time ago and far away that effectively defines motivation and character for both stars and then it's off and running, with only a brief stop for some diner food.
      Most of the scenes are shot in dim light with a bluish cast. There are explosions galore and mucho fire power. Van Damme hooks up with a gal reporter who stumbles into the hush-hush project and together they flee the long arm of corrupt government. Their relationship plays mostly for laughs, thankfully. Van Damme maintains a mantle of innocence about his character while Dolph Lungren is straight ahead killing machine

.universalsoldier.jpg (4088 bytes)

Van Damme in actionİLive

    The DVD transfer handles much of the difficult lighting with a sure touch. Shadow detail is excellent and contrast range is tightly controlled for the best picture. Offering  widescreen 1.85 only, the   image is perhaps a mite too sharp resulting in edge enhancement artifacts. The 5:1 soundtrack  powerfully accompanies the action set pieces.


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