People vs. Larry Flynt/A,A

Columbia Tristar/1996/130m/ANA 2.35, PS 1.33

     The most remarkable thing about this film is the central character is quite despicable, crude, even pathetic, yet he still manages to come across as a genuine American hero. Woody Harrelson's "in-your-face" performance as smut-meister Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is astonishing.  The biography as directed by erudite Milos Forman makes its main focus Flynt's battle against censorship. With skillful editing and pacing, Forman makes what could be a mundane and distasteful subject thoroughly exciting and even inspiring. And even the love story is totally convincing and ultimately moving. Courtney Love and Harrelson are perfectly matched.

peoplevslarryflynt.jpg (4377 bytes)

Flynt and the flag. ©Columbia Tristar

    This exquisite transfer captures the brooding, sleazy nightclub atmosphere as easily as the high courtroom drama. Colors are very accurate and image is perfectly in focus. Anamorphic 2.35 and P/S1.33 transfers are available on either side of the DVD. The Dolby 5:1 sound is immaculately recorded and presented.







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