Dog Day Afternoon/B,C+


     Though the fascination remains with Sidney Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon, it will be remembered most for Al Pacino's hyper, outrageous performance as Sonny Wortzik, the man on the boil in a botched bank hold-up. The fascination with the film is the motivation for the robbery, Sonny desire to raise the money for his lover's sex change operation. Lumet films the events in traditional docu-drama style, much of it coming across in a comic vein.

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   Presented in Standard, Widescreen and Anamorphic aspect ratios, Dog Day Afternoon has the lazy brown hues of an overcast New York afternoon. The images are not consistently sharp and grain is too prominent in many scenes. Think of this as a serviceable DVD. The Dolby mono sound is adequate but thin.



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