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Too many great titles are still missing from DVD.  Here are a few random choices that I would love to see on DVD. Perhaps the less obvious are more interesting. Do you have any favorites missing in action? You can add your suggestions directly to the DVDMIA database by clicking DVDMIA and filling in the form. 

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December 11, 2001

Tough Stanley Baker drives the big trucks in Hell Drivers (1958) in this British flick that UK resident Mike Forrester would like to see on DVD.

Here a major missing Billy Wilder flick: The Major and the Minor (1942), a delightful romp starring Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland. Wilde's directing debut. Anthony Clarke in Sydney, Australia knows a good missing in action flick or two. 

Matthew Kassovitz's critically received La Haine (1996) really should be on DVD notes Stephen Koper in Newton, Mass. 

Looking for an uncut version of Luchino Visconti's The Leopard (1963) starring Burt Lancaster. Good call from Claudio Lacoe in Toronto, Canada.

December 3, 2001

Letting loose a DVD of Strait Jacket (1964) sounds like a good idea to Brian O'Hara in New Haven, Conn. Joan Crawford gets to dip her toes into horror waters again through the eyes of director William Castle.

An unusable Vietnam flick, The Boys in Company C (1978) deserves a DVD releases according to Scott Bardone in San Jose, Ca.

Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr star in The Journey (1959) a romance centered around the Soviets occupation of Budapest in 1956. Arizonans Thomas and Patricia Walker cast their vote for a DVD release.

Set in exotic Hong Kong, The World of Susie Wong (1960) stars William Holden and Nancy Kwan in a beautifully photographed romance. Tracey Walter in Albuquerque, NM thinks Paramount ought to bring out a DVD.

December 1 2001

One of 1964's biggest releases, Becket (1964) traces the conflict between King Henry II and Archbishop Thomas Becker. Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton stand toe to toe. Lowell G. in Hampton, Virginia has a hankering for a DVD release.

Olivia Jenkins in St. Joseph, MO. can almost hear Mario Lanza singing The Great Caruso (1950) on a DVD of her desires. Clyde Jenkins, in the same household, thinks it's about time Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) saw DVD light. 

Hot and heavy romantic breathing is featured in John Ford's Mogambo (1953) starring Clark Gable, Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner. Bernie Selig in Norfolk, Va. casts his vote for a DVD. 

Any solid science fiction deserves a DVD release. JS in Depew, NY thinks Colossus: The Forbin Project (1969) fits the mold. 

November 24,  2001

Doris Day is the torch singer and James Cagney is her possessive gangster/manager in Love Me or Leave Me (1955). The story of Ruth Etting would make a great DVD release suggests D. Sonnenberg  in Portland, Maine.  Sam Starker in Boston, Mass., and Tom Cooper in Los Angeles and Beatrice in NYC support the notion.

Patrick Dennis learned some of the most bizarre life lessons from the fabulous Auntie Mame (1958). A Rosalind Russell fan thinks we all could learn a thing or two from Mame. Betty in Chicago, Orson J. in New Brunswick, NJ  and G. Stern in Peoria, Arizona are ready for an elegant DVD too.

Thomas and Pat W. seem to be big Errol Flynn fans. They think The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex  (1939) should get some DVD space.

November 19,  2001

The Orson Welles mutilated classic The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) has yet had its DVD due note Sally H. in Springfield, Ohio and Tenke Savalis in New York City. 

Here's a new one to the DVDMIA list: All Mine to Give (1957). Glynis Johns and Cameron Mitchell star as heads of an immigrant family trying to make it in Wisconsin. Lynne

Brett Smith in Los Angeles, Ca. wants a DVD release for The Trip to Bountiful (1984) and Schindler's List (1993). Spielberg will probably come up with something special for the later film sometime in 2002.

Jim Harvey in Charlestown wonders when Murphy's War (1971) will get a DVD nod. Peter O'Toole stars under the direction of Peter Yates.

November 16,  2001

Espionage seems to be on a lot of movie loving  minds these days. The Counterfeit Traitor (1962) has been recently cited as a DVDMIA by Russell Herndon in Canton, Ohio, Billy J, in Buffalo, NY, Al Devlin in Santa Fe, NM, Bruce V. in Berkeley, Ca., Jilly in Atlantic City, NJ., and  Marvin East in Seattle, Wash., 

Sheldon Mason in Seattle, Wash. knows him comedy druthers. One,. Two, Three (1961) please on DVD if you will Fox. James Cagney energy is infectious in the Billy Wilder comedy. Dave Adams in Akron, Ohio seconds the notion. 

Want to fly with Clint Eastwood? Firefox (1983) is the way to go on DVD chimes in Simon Large in England. 

How about spreading your wings Dragonslayer (1982). Paul Hansen in Surrey, BC wants to catch the flames on DVD. 

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) proves there's more to a coke bottle than meets the eye. David Block in Columbus, Georgia knows a good comic conceit when he sees one. 

November 8,  2001

Paging anonymous phone callers!  Mary Long in Salem, Mass. thinks Phone Call from a Stranger (1952) would get the phones ringing on DVD.

Salome, Where She Danced (1945) might make a slinky flick, but Bob Mason thinks Cobra Woman (1944) should also get a chance to strut her DVD stuff. 

The last of the Wayne/Hawks collaborations Rio Lobo (1970) is conspicuously absent from DVD notes B. Bosselet in South Bend, Wa.

Sentiment for a DVD release of Tap Roots (1948) is growing. Susan Hayward flaming red hair in Technicolor© would sure heat up on a DVD release. Benny Shelton in Shreveport, La. Thomas and Patricia W in Arizona, Terry Thompson in Minneapolis, Minn., Mile Fletcher in Tempe, Az., and Dave H. in Springfield, Ill. all seem to be enthusiasts of the Southern epic romance. 

November 5,  2001

Paging Hercule Poirot. Has anyone seen the Orient Express. Expressly, Murder on the Orient Express (1974), currently missing on DVD. Sidney Lumet was the engineer, whoops--director-- and Albert Finney plays the detective. A wave of Orient DVD sentiment has been expressed by Taylor in Salt Lake City, Utah, Bernie Schiff in Des Moines, Iowa, Gene Walker in Pekin Ill., P. Hudson in Bowie Maryland. The Paramount title is in consideration for DVD release.

One of Ingmar Bergman's most conspicuous DVDMIAs, Persona (1966) would make a good release note Brian Crowe in Atlanta, Ga. 

November 3,  2001

Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) is an under-appreciated John Ford classic. It was ten years between this first Ford Technicolor film and the next, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949). Brandon Skintner in Chicago, Ill., Thomas W. in Glendale, Az., Clara Westfall in Salem, Or., and Mike Thomas in Riverside, Ca. are amongst those recently noting the conspicuous DVD absence of Drums Along the Mohawk.

Peter Ustinov plays Nero with rare screen relish in Quo Vadis (1950). Betty Johnson in Cheyenne, Wyoming thinks the big Roman epic should have its DVD day.

More than one movie lover wants to hear and see With a Song in My Heart (1952) on DVD. Susan Reyes in Los Angeles and Robert Cromwell in San Clemente, Ca. would like it for their DVD collections.

Another Bette Davis bravura performance absent from DVD is The Star (1953) points out Riverside, Ca.'s Mike Thomas.

 One mention of The Lusty Men (1952) and fans are coming out of the woodwork. Jennie Constand in New York City, Maurice Valentine in Topeka, Ks. Janna Benson in Toledo, Ohio are all ready to pull out the credit cards for a DVD.

November 1,  2001

Stewart Granger was one of the fifties adventure icons yet virtually none of his starring roles have seen the light of DVD. Dave H. in Springfield, Ill., Bruce V. in Berkeley, Ca., Tom R. and Patsy W. in Glendale, Arizona, have all recently cited Granger's King Solomon's Mines (1950) as a prime candidate for DVD release. 

Darryl Roy in Madison, Wis. notes that the slick Lars Von Trier flick Zentropa (1991) hasn't yet made it to DVD. 

Lucille J. in Spokane, Wash. wants to watch Bette and Olivia battle it out in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (1964).

More calls for The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) to DVD. Warner states that the film is undergoing a $250,000 restoration and will likely be released on DVD in 2003 coinciding with its 65 anniversary.  

All singing, all dancing, all pleasure, all MGM: That's Entertainment (1964) would make an excellent DVD release choice notes Elizabeth K. in Los Gatos, Ca. 

Pining for The African Queen (1951)? Join the club. We get frequent DVDMIA calls for this great film starring Humphrey Bogart in his Academy Award winning role and the great Katharine Hepburn. 

October 28,  2001

What's on your mind Thomas W. in Phoenix, Arizona? Thomas notes that the fine Nicholas Ray film The Lusty Men (1952) deserves a bronc ride on DVD. Robert Mitchum, Susan Hayward and Arthur Kennedy make it breathe.

Just one of the great early noir roles for Burt Lancaster, The Killers (1946) still awaits its DVD debut note V Man in Toronto, Canada. 

Raise the Red Lantern (1991) for Paul Steinke in Boulder, Colorado. The sumptuous Zhang Yimou film stars Gong Li. 

Mark Sweazy in Loogootee, Indiana would like to find Tess (1979) wandering around on DVD soon. 

Susan in Hawaii wants a look back at origins with  musical charm in 1776. It's a good time for a special edition. 

October 18,  2001

Bond bottled with a different sensibility, the wild Casino Royale (1967) spoofs the master spy with inebriated irreverence. John Hill in Toronto, Canada would like to Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, and David Niven as dueling Bonds.  

And then there was Flint, Our Man Flint (1965), another breed of secret agent. James Coburn romped through the role. Sylvain Bédard of Beauport, Québec, Canada puts his dibs in for a DVD release.

It must be getting dark in St. Louis Park, Minnesota where Jason Laube resides. He's hankering for Near Dark (1987) on DVD. Bloody good choice.

Sarah Hall of Chicago, Ill. is in the spirit for a Drop Dead Fred (1991) DVD release. Lots of interest in this title lately.

October 7,  2001

How about a violinist playing La Cucaracha?  Robert Roudebush in Kansas City, Mo comments that Humoresque (1947), with John Garfield playing fiddle to Joan Crawford, nor Juarez (1939), starring Paul Muni in the title role with an assist from Bette Davis

We've been seeing some good flicks from director John Frankenheimer lately. How about Grand Prix (1966), his widescreen race car extravaganza starring James Garner. Jack Hamilton of Sugar Land, Texas would like to see it on some DVD tracks.

October 1,  2001

In Los Angeles, Ca. John-Paul Mulero reminds us that Miller's Crossing (1990) is absent from the Coen Brothers DVD lexicon. 

Mark Griffin in Lewiston, Maine highlights the absence of a number of Judy Garland films, including Easter Parade (1948), The Pirate (1948), and The Clock (1945).

The very colorful widescreen production of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) stills awaits DVD discovery points out Alan Hare in Irving, Texas. 

In Wellston, Ohio, Eric Saltsman is looking for a  DVD release of the very American musical 1776 (1972). Paging Tom Jefferson and company.

September 23 2001

Here's pie in your face Peter Peter Scarfe of Sydney, Australia. Peter wants to see The Great Race (1963) run on DVD. How about a special edition with Blake Edwards and Tony Curtis. I guess that's wishing for pie in the sly.

Where fore art thou Wenders? Ken Koral of Portland, Oregon notes that Wenders German language film Kings of the Road still has not seen the light of DVD.

September 22, 2001

Sting stars from a Dennis Potter script in Brimstone and Treacle (1982). Ian Pain in Santa Monica, Ca. nominates it for a DVD release.

Check out all those tattoos in Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man (1969) starring Rod Steiger. Phillip Scher of Marietta, Ga. would like to freeze frame it on DVD.

Fascinated by little people? Nick August in Henderson, Nevada recommends a DVD release for Dr. Cyclops (1940)  starring Albert Dekker as the mad scientist.

Here's a good suggestion from Phil in New York City: A Face in the Crowd (1957) starring starring Andy Griffith as the megalomaniac television personality.

Don Hutchison  in Toronto, Canada is amongst the many fans of Treasure of Sierra Madre (1948) waiting for a beautiful DVD. DVDs? We ain't got no stinkin' DVDs.

Conspicuously absent from DVD is the outstanding Kipling adaptation of The Jungle Book (1942) starring Sabu as the young Mowgli in the colorful adventure. Beware the public domain DVD circulating around. This one needs a major studio or Criterion release. David Marrison of the UK would surely appreciate it.

Rusty Davis is Douglasville, Ga. has a hankering for Something Big (1971) , a western starring Dean Martin.

August 4, 2001

You're a better man than I am Gunga Din (1939). Tom Abbate of Brooklyn, New York knows a good flick and notes its absence on DVD. How about releasing some of the material from that fine special edition laser disc Fox?

You know there will be a release of Fellini's classic La Strada (1954) pretty soon. Art Siegal in Glendale California is anxiously awaiting a date. 

Todd Maroudas in Melbourne Australia reminds us again that Errol Flynn has yet to lead his merry men in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1939) to DVD. 

Very topical in in its release, The Strawberry Statement (1970) notes Denton Birch in Valkaria, Florida is still missing in DVD action.

Russ Marini of Burlington, Canada casts his DVD vote for Bullet or Ballots (1936). Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart star.

August 2, 2001

I can smell the sawdust now.  David YH Lui  of Vancouver, B.C. thinks its about time for The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) to be released to the greatest video format. Charlton Heston's breakthrough film under Cecil B. DeMille. Energetic Betty Hutton and high flying Cornel Wilde. 

Brighton Rock (1947) stars a young Richard Attenborough as a tough Brit hood. Directed by John Boulting. TJS notes that this interesting film should have its DVD day.

Lori M in Rochester, New York wants to run The Great Race (1965) on DVD. From master of the comic fall Blake Edwards with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

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