Humphrey Bogart(1899-1957)

      Of all my favorite actors, Humphrey Bogart is probably the last one I would have picked to come from upper crust origins. Born in New York City, his father a surgeon, Bogart was educated in private and prep schools, but maybe it was his expulsion from Phillips Academy that signaled some sense of his screen persona. Bogart went directly into the Navy where a wound caused the partial lip paralysis that became a signature of Bogart's tough guy delivery.
     Bogart's Hollywood career was launched in 1928's The Dancing Town, but he labored for years in supporting roles before breaking out as a bonafide star. It was probably in The Petrified Forest as Duke Mantee, the gangster with a loose screw, that threw the brightest light on Bogie's early career. In Dead End he made supporting waves as Baby Face Martin and he lent support to James Cagney in Angels with Dirty Faces. They Drive by Night was another excellent showcase for Bogie's talents, but it wasn't until The Maltese Falcon that Hollywood realized he was something special. He followed that up in quick succession with High Sierra as Mad Dog Earle and Rick in Casablanca. He stayed on top of the pack until his untimely death from throat cancer.

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