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One of the nice aspects of half sheets is that they often came in "A" and "B" styles, offering a greater variety of artwork for any given film. The poster focus could emphasize one star on one style and another star on the second style. Each style could point up different aspects of a film style "A" portraying action and style "B" advertising romance. Take the set of Sea of Grass posters. One clearly focuses on the love interest between the two star Tracy and Hepburn while the other gives added weight to the supporting players. The Captains Courageous half sheet is a reissue. As you can tell, studios often tried to economize on publicity materials when a film went into reissue. Still, the poster conveys the power of the story with its bold red title letters imposed over the sea blue background. Tracy won his first Oscar for Captains Courageous and he followed up the next year with yet another Best Actor Award for his role as Father Flannagan in Boys Town.

Half Sheets measure 28 x 22 and are almost always produced on a heavier paper stock than one sheets. Half Sheets that have been folded frequently deteriorate and begin coming apart at the folds. The action of folding and unfolding the paper exacerbates the condition.



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