Titan AE (SE)/C,A
Fox/2000/95/ANA 2.35

    An animated Scifi adventure needs at least one outstanding element to make it sing. Sadly, Titan AE needs voice lessons. The animation is lackluster except in a few bursts of energy that could almost have snuck in as CGI work in a live action film. The choice of a dull, brown dominated palette as a color scheme doesn't help matters, and the animation often seems cheap and choppy.
    The story is mundane at best. Cale, a young boy abandoned by his father during an Alien doomsday attack on Earth grows up filled with resentment. Years later, when the boy grows to strapping manhood, a comrade of his father's appears from nowhere and informs him that he is the last chance for human survival. And so the quest for the Titan AE begins, the legendary ship that will restore human kind. But the Drej, evil aliens who annihilated the Earth fifteen years before, are hot on the trail of Cale.
     To provide some interest and conflict along the space hunt, there's a pretty hot shot pilot Akima who Cale falls fancies, the tough veteran space soldier Korso and several crew member sidekicks to provide some laughs.
   You could say the fact that I did not turn off the DVD before it ended is a tribute to the story telling, but I wouldn't say so. I was minimally engaged in the plight to prevent final destruction of the human species, but I never had any doubt as to the outcome. The supporting characters are truly a strained bunch of refugees from Star Wars and Looney Tunes.
    Titan AE strives for a modern feel in its animation and editing. Unfortunately, the cutting is reminiscent of space epics that can't sit still long enough to let you see the whole picture.

The Drej in hot pursuit. ©Fox

    The voice talents of Matt Damon, Bill Pullman and Drew Barrymore are behind the animated characters of Cale, Korso and Akima. Both Damon and Pullman are particularly bland in their dubs. Barrymore manages to impose her froth and charm on Akima.
     Titan AE gets a penetrating transfer to DVD in a chock full special edition. Colors are fully saturated. The image is consistently sharp and the contrast in perfect balance. Expect bright, snappy pictures throughout the DVD. High transition explosions are perfectly stable with no bloom. There are no motion artifacts. You can choose from Dolby Digital 5:1 or DTS Surround tracks. The DTS Surround is delivered with usual extra punch and excess decibels. Bass response is excellent and action fully directional. Better keep a sharp ear out for flying space objects.



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