Universal/1994/108m/FS 1.33

     The Shadow is but a shallow excuse for lots of action and special effects. Alec Baldwin is okay as the Lamont Cranston, the dark hero who has to battle his own inner devils and the evil Khan, the last descendent of Genghis Khan. John Lone is problematic is the villain's garb, prancing more like a dancer than a figure of malice and menace. A weak script by David Koepp gives stylish director Russell Mulcahy very little to work with.

shadow.jpg (2879 bytes)
The Shadow knows. ŠUniversal

      This is among the first of Universal's DVD releases and while the picture and sound are splendid, the fact that The Shadow is presented 4 x 3 is a major disappointment. Is the omission of widescreen a factor of cost or philosophy or just a blundering first step. Let's hope Universal, long known for its great laser transfers, delivers the goods on future DVDs.






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