My Best Friend's WeddinMg/B,A

Columbia-Tristar/1997/105 minutes//ANA 2.35, PS 1.33

     When a food critic is invited to a former beau's wedding, she becomes convinced that she's made a mistake in not marrying him herself. She sets off on a course to intercept the wedding nuptials. This romantic triangle often plays with a sour tone, but the Julia Roberts charm succeeds in keeping her character from sinking too low.  Dermot Mulroney is the object of her desire and Cameron Diaz has to protect her turf against the Roberts onslaught. Rupert Everett playing Roberts' gay friend is quite wonderful, almost stealing the movie for himself. Everything sorts itself out in various Chicago locales under the guidance of Aussie director P.J.. Hogan,  whose first film, Muriel's Wedding, was a very successful off-beat comedy.

mybestfr.jpg (5716 bytes)

Biting triangle.Columbia Tristar

     Another stunning transfer from Columbia, the mad-cap action is given a high key palette. The anamorphic images is razor sharp with almost no evidence of typical NTSC artifacts. Surround sound is splendidly resolved with music and dialogue in perfect balance.






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