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Casper C+, A

US/1995/Color/Widescreen 1.85:1/Stereo Surround/101 minutes/Directed by Brad Silbering/Starring Bill Pullman, Christina Riccci/MCA-Universal/45 Chaps/CLV/THX/$34.98

     Casper is more likely to be friendly to children than adults. The kids will enjoy the disgusting banter of the nasty trio of malevolent ghost apparitions that are meant to add spice to the saccharine creation of Casper. There are even a good many cinematic references meant to tickle the fancy of adults accompanying the kids to see this special effects driven flick,but these fall flat and are far from imaginative.

      Still, Casper's good nature is not terribly hard to sit through. It is easy to marvel equally at the skill of the special effects and the banality of the scripting. Set design is a good deal of fun. The entire picture seems like an excuse for an excellent amusement park haunted house. Could it be the next theme park attraction in the making.

     The images on this laser disc are very lively. Even though much of the film is confined to the dark and foreboding ambiance of a ghost infested house, picture detail or brightness never suffer. The translucent nature of the ghost creations is very well presented for laser. The entire laser disc has a handsome sheen to it, adding significantly to the experience. Kids will think they just moved into Wickstock Mansion. The surround sound on this THX disc is simply outstanding. Directionality captures the essence of the fourth dimension in which the ghosts reside. The sound effects are have the required pop and bass extension is more than adequate.