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Film on Disc has 2-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit reviews. 2-bit reviews include letter ratings only. 8-bit reviews are brief reviews including DVD quality assessment and 16-bit reviews are full length. This is the 8-Bit Review Page.  DVD ratings are two part, the first letter representing film content, the second letter for film element , transfer and pressing quality.
Grosse Pointe Blank/A-,A-

Hollywood Pictures/1997/107m

     A clever idea is carried out to maximum fulfillment as hitman Martin Blank returns to his ten year high school reunion. John Cusack is terrific as the hitman with a conscience and Minnie Driver is perfection as his long lost love. Joan Cusack has some magic moments as Blank's efficient secretary and Dan Aykroyd  manages to stay within the bounds of his character. Even the explosions are well-timed and the shoot-outs choreographed with a nod to John Woo.

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Love found. Hollywood

The laser disc is bright, sharp and dynamic. The surround information is outstanding, with bullets flying in every direction and best of all is the driving beat of the op song soundtrack. Grosse Pointe Blank is outstanding in execution and treatment.

Sergeant York/A,C+


     The biopic of legendary World War I hero Alvin York, Howard Hawks' film shows us all sides of York and dishes out equal measures of romance, drama, action and comedy. The scenes in the back hills of Tennessee are stylized and often the outdoor backgrounds look staged with painted drop-backs The writing is first rate for a movie of this kind and York's story moves gracefully from Tennessee to the battlefields of Europe.

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Ready,aim,fire. MGM-UA

   Gary Cooper is perfectly married to the down-home material. Everything revolves around his Academy Award winning performance and he delivers. It's a great role and a great performance.
     The source material for the laser disc is inconsistent with some scratches and dirt. Contrast levels are consistent and the image is sharp. The mono sound is all right. This classic film is a worthy addition to any collection.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion/B,B


     Ten years out of high school and still together, best friends Romy and Michele still haven't got a clue. Their blithe of  reality  is hilarious and their return from LA to Tucson for the reunion is consistently outrageous. The film is filled mostly with funny bits that represent the make-up of the girls. It's often easy satire, but Mia Sorvino and Lisa Kidrow succeed in making the air-head twins thoroughly likable.

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Peas in a pod.    Touchstone

     The colorful transfers compliments the daffy nature of the material. There are some moments of softness in the image, but overall it's as clear as the girls. The soundtrack has plenty of snap with bass rhythms accompanying the girls on their journey to the past. A highly enjoyable evening's entertainment. You might not want to live with either of these girls, but a visit is worth the effort.

The Whole Wide World/B,B

Sony Classics/1997/111m

     Capturing rural Texas circa 1930s right down to the dust on the running boards of cars, The Whole Wide World relates the romance of Conan the Barbarian pulp author Robert Howard and school teacher Novalyne Price. Revolving around the eccentric personal rhythms of Howard, the courtship of the two artistic young people is charming, yet there is a fatalistic sense that pervades almost every scene. Rene Zellweger  captures the wisdom and sweetness of the young Price to a tee. Vincent D'Onofrio in the expansive role of Howard is very good. Written and directed by Dan Ireland, this "small" movie manages to share the personal experiences with its audience, no small achievement.

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Unusual love affair.Columbia Tristar

     The nostalgic feel of the movie results in some grainy sequences, but overall the transfer is clean. Images are sharp. Colors are slightly muted, but again, this seems artistic intent.