Mister Johnson/B,C-


     The setting is Colonial Africa 1923. Johnson is a petty black bureaucrat working for the local British administrator, Harry Rudbeck. Johnson's exuberance for life extends to an unbridled love for England and things English, but cultural differences ultimately dictate the outcome of this moving portrait of a man trying to make a place for himself. Along Johnson's rocky road there's a marriage, bribery, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, murder, and an amazing march through the jungle to build a road.

misterjohnson.jpg (6124 bytes)

Johnson at the crossroads. İAvenue

Maynard Eziahshi is quite amazing as Mister Johnson and Pierce Brosnan captures the career diplomat  to perfection. Bruce Beresford directs with his usual keen eye, making the most from his exotic African locale. Mister Johnson is an unusual and very moving film
     A grainy, over-enhanced and often soft transfer compromises the beauty of Mister Johnson. Color is often muddy and details blurred.  Beware of the poor audio levels as well. 






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